7 Playroom Painting Tips To Follow in Denver Metro, CO

A playroom is one of the most treasured places where a child is going to be able to spend time when they are at home – there are so many pleasant things for them to do and learn.

In looking to update your child’s playroom, one thing you could do is to make the time to paint the walls of the playroom — and having well painted walls will be just what you need to make the difference between an okay playroom and one in which your child or children will be that much happier to use.

Let’s now look at and consider seven playroom painting tips to follow in Denver Metro, CO

1. Clean The Walls

One thing you should know about painting your playroom is that you’re going to have to clean the walls thoroughly before you start the process of actually applying primer and then paint to the walls.

One might think that just the nature of painting the walls would be enough to get the look of the walls to be that much improved even if one would not clean said walls, but this is not at all the case.

Instead what you’d end up having is a set of walls that look exactly like what you’d think it looks like to paint over dirt — and that is not a look you would want to have in any playroom.

2. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

In painting a child’s playroom, you aren’t going to just want to be using any sort of paint — there are going to be children playing there after all and so you want to take care of them in every way you can.

That means if possible you want to go for paint that has no unpleasant emissions – but at the same time, you should try for a paint that is high in gloss so that it’s easier to clean.

3. Carefully Consider Your Color Choices

You’re painting with an audience of children, so you have to bear that in mind when you are considering the color or colors that you’re going to make use of on your walls.

This means that you shouldn’t use over the top colors that would be bothersome but more simple colors that your child can appreciate.

4. Sand Before You Start

If you want well painted walls in your kid’s playroom, you need to start with smooth surfaces and one good way to ensure that your surfaces are smooth with a bit of sanding.

The key is to not oversand – and just to gently sand the surface so that you will have smooth surfaces upon which to apply your primer and paint.

Some say that you can additionally sand in between coats of primer and paint (not the last coat of course) and if you wish to do so you may find that it helps.

5. Clean Sanding Dust

All of the sandings in the world is going to do you exactly no good if you don’t clean the sanding dust that comes about from the sanding process.

Specifically, you need to remove all of the sanding dust — it’s quite fine but if you don’t remove it, you’ll eventually see it in the paint on your walls and that’s quite unpleasant.

6. Don’t Use Cheap Rollers

If you want to save money on your paintwork that is good and fine but you aren’t going to do a good painting job if you make use of cheap paint rollers.

This is because some of the worst things can happen when you use overly inexpensive rollers — they can make painting so much more difficult and can even get bits of the roller cover onto the paint that you are applying.

7. Getting Creative Is Encouraged

Lastly, remember that you’re painting a playroom — creativity is absolutely encouraged and in most cases will make for a more fun playroom.

This is your kids’ playroom so if you want to put a giant dinosaur on the wall you should do that, and if you feel like a castle should cover the wall you should try to make that happen as well.

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