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Imhoff Fine Residential Painting Company is committed to delivering the finest interior and exterior paints and finishes, utilizing only the best products available & doing it all with our highly skilled craftspeople.


Our residential painting specialists service the Denver, Colorado area and beyond, offering clients an all-inclusive experience including:

Many people try to paint a room themselves to save money. After all, it won’t take long, right? Just a little bit of elbow grease, and your new room will be ready in no time.

Well, painting the interior of a house is not as easy as it sounds.

Even the simplest interior painting project can take you 4 Sundays when you’re on your own. That means you can’t use that room for 4 weeks.

At Imhoff Painting, we can do that for you. 

Imhoff Painting offers a variety of interior house painting services in the Denver, CO area. We can beautify your home’s interior by painting the following using your choice of color and sheen:

Interior Painting


How Often Do My Ceilings Need to Be Repainted?


Interior Trim Painting



  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Doors
  • Hallways
  • Home offices
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Windows
With over 4,000 projects accomplished, no job is too time consuming, oddly angled or labor intensive for Imhoff! No matter the size or scope of the project, we personalize our proposals to fit the budget and logistical needs of our clients and ensure that throughout the process homes stay tidy and organized to minimize disruption to daily life.

We Can Handle Your Walls

Does your home have wallpaper, textured walls, or old paint? No worries — we can work around any obstacle when painting walls. We’ll remove any wallpaper and perform any fixes necessary so we can create bright and lovely walls.

Trust Us to Paint Your Ceilings

Navigating fans, vents and light fixtures is no problem for the Imhoff team. Countless clients have trusted us to gracefully manage overhead work while taking care of surrounding walls, floors and furniture in the process.

Painting ceilings can be tough if you’re a homeowner. The standing on a ladder, the working overhead for a long time, constantly looking up — all that can make your shoulders and neck hurt. 

Let us handle your ceilings instead. Once you work with us to pick the color and sheen you want, you can sit back and let us make your ceiling pop with color. We ensure your floor remains spotless by covering it properly before beginning any paint job on your ceiling.

Let Us Paint Your Trim

Despite trim being a smaller portion of your interior, the right colors can greatly enhance the look of a room.

Don’t worry, we’ll handle your trim. Let us do the frustrating, tough work for you.

Clean and Professional Painting

While working on your interior painting project, we respect your home as if were our own.

Our paint crews properly prepare each space before begining any paint job. We move furniture and cover the floors. We ensure all work areas are clean, organized, and well-protected so that we leave no residual mess. Each of our crew members is profile, efficient, and puts you first.

We don’t take off once we’re done. though — we throughly inspect every inch of our work. if we find any defects in our coating application, we handle all the touch-up work.

When we’ve determined that your new paint job is beautiful as can be, we clean up our work area tharoughly before we leave your home.

Your bright, gorgeous new interior will be the only sign that

Our Interior Painting Projects


You wouldn’t hire a professional pointer without seeing the work they’ve done in the post. would you? We hope not check out our portfolio below to see what we’ve done for our previous clients.

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Our Reviews

“I should tell you that what I dreaded as a five-day intrusion into my life turned out to be a pleasant experience, not merely because of the care and technical excellence of your staff but because of their general decorum. They were a pleasure to have in the house.

While this was no less than we’ve grown to expect from Imhoff Painting, it is nevertheless exceptional, appreciated.”


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