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Our professionals perform quality restoration services for all types of luxury woodwork including windows, doors, cabinets and molding.

The Best Cabinet Painting Services in Denver, CO

If your kitchen or bathroom is starting to look dull, you don’t always need to do an entire remodel. Sometimes, all you need to do to give the room a facelift is to repaint and refinish your cabinets. Doing so can save you a lot of money and add value to your home.

Yet painting your cabinets on your own presents its own challenges. For one, your kitchen or bathroom will be nearly unusable during the time when you are painting the cabinets. If your paint job runs into any problems, you’ll have to wait longer before you can use either room as usual again.

By working with a professional painter in Denver, CO, you can receive the highest quality cabinet refinishing and repainting with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

At Imhoff Painting, we are master craftsmen specializing in touching up, refinishing, and restoring your cabinets so they look new. You can sit back and relax while painting professionals paint or refinish your old cabinets to create your dream kitchen.

We work quickly, yet flawlessly, to ensure that you get to enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom as soon as possible with no mess. The only way you’ll know we were here will be your gorgeous new cabinets.

Cabinet Refinishing

Refacing or replacing your cabinets can be a great option if you want a totally new look for your cabinets, but both options are expensive. However, if you love your existing cabinets, but they need a refresh, refinishing will do the job well for a fraction of the cost.

It can extend the longevity of wood cabinets, too. If you have wood cabinets that have begun to chip, the coating on them will start to degrade — which can lead to either rotting or warping wood. Refinishing keeps decay at bay and freshens the look of your cabinets for a lower cost than refacing or replacing them. 

Custom Cabinet Finishes

Imhoff Painting can finish your cabinets so they look like new. We listen closely to your ideas and concerns so that we can create custom cabinet finishes that fit your home and tastes. Our professionals have the tools and expertise to make your dream cabinets come to life quickly and neatly.

Cabinet Molding

Cabinet molding is a small detail that makes a big difference in the look of your cabinet. Imhoff Painting can add plenty of appeal to your cabinet’s design by installing cabinet molding.

We can also repair, or even remove existing cabinet molding. If you already have molding, but it’s falling into disrepair, it can really taint the look of your cabinets — but if you work with Imhoff painting, we’ll restore your molding to its former beauty.

Cabinet Painting and Staining

At Imhoff Painting, we understand that you have a unique personal taste when it comes to your cabinets.We offer several paints and stain colors to choose from,whether you want to stick with your current cabinet color or go with something new.

There are several ways we can paint your cabinets.

Spray painting is one method.For spray painting, we carefully remove your cabinet doors and bring them offsite to apply the paint without leaving a mess in your home.We check the cabinets several times to ensure we don’t miss any spots, ensure the finish is 100% even, and clean up any possible blemishes or drips.We’ll then use brushes to carefully paint the cabinet boxes in your home.

Brushing and rolling is also an excellent option is you want to save money.We follow the same procedure, bringing the doors offsite to apply the paint.
The finish may be slightly less smooth than with spray paint, but it still looks excellent for the money.

We use the most durable paint and apply several coats in both methods to ensure your cabinets look brand new and can stand up to frequent wear and use.

Cabinet Shading and Wood Toning

Painting your cabinets doesn’t stop at the paint.Your cabinet need a finishing touch that is uniquely you. Shading or toning your cabinets can top off a painting job and give your cabinetry the attractive look you deserve.

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Are your cabinets starting to look worn? Could they need a refresh? Imhoff Painting has helped 2,103 clients in Denver, CO and the surrounding area create lasting beauty inside their homes.

We collaborate with you on your personalized proposal so you can pick which areas you’d like to address. Our professionals work quickly on your cabinets to minimize disruption to your life, yet we don’t leave until your cabinets are flawless. Contact us today for your free estimate!

“Doug’s crew is the best in Denver.  I’m a designer and have referred him to many clients, as well as used his expertise extensively in my own home. Highly recommend them!”

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