7 Color Combinations For Kitchen Cabinets in Denver Metro, CO

When you’re looking at painting your kitchen cabinets, whether you are painting them for the first time or you are repainting cabinets that were looking for a new look, one of the important questions that will come up is the color — and if you have more than one color, what will they be?

Choosing to paint your kitchen cabinets more than one color typically requires some forethought because you will want to have a couple of colors that go well together and complement one another — that look good, in other words.

With that being the case, here are seven color combinations for kitchen cabinets in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Blue And Black

Blue and black are colors that go really well together, certainly depending on the shade of blue that you will choose to use — and how much black will ultimately go into the combination.

The thing to bear in mind is that you can’t overwhelm the blue with the black — in any case, you could not have them split evenly or even try for a sixty forty split.

When you’re putting blue and black together, the black on the cabinets will be there more as an accent for the blue and highlighting the nature like feeling that you will typically get with blue paint.

2. Green And Blue

You are going to find a few colors that go together nearly as well as green and blue.

This is because both are popular colors that can be found in nature, and as such, they just inspire a certain sort of tranquility.

Of course, you have to be careful when choosing your greens and blues to make them actually natural and not too odd looking.

3. Purple And Yellow

Purple and yellow are colors that don’t seem like they would go together well, but they are rather complementary if you think about it.

The trick to this is that you have to make sure that the purple you choose for this combination is not too bright and that the yellow is similarly not all that bright.

4. Gray And White

When you use gray and white, you are looking at a couple of neutral colors that really complement one another.

The good thing about using gray and white is that you have gray, a calming sort of color, and white, making other colors stand out better.

When you put them together, you don’t overwhelm the senses, and you also have something pleasant to look at in your kitchen.

5. Pink And White

Speaking of things that look good with white, have you thought about using pink and white together to paint your kitchen cabinets?

You may think that pink is the kind of color that could only look good in the home of one’s dreams, particularly if one is a blonde doll, but this is not the case.

Indeed, a pink and white color scheme for your kitchen cabinets can greatly improve your kitchen’s overall look.

6. Blue And Red

Another great use of the color blue comes in combination with the color red, which can add a fiery tone to your kitchen.

The combination of the two opposing forces in nature makes for a great look for your kitchen.

7. Orange And Black

Some would say two colors have no business ever coming together, especially for your kitchen cabinets, are black and orange.

Of course, the name of a certain prison related television show may come to mind, but orange and black indeed have a good relationship if you put them together.

When you’re pairing orange with black, the important thing is to make sure that the orange that you choose is not too overly bright as that could overwhelm the person spending time in the kitchen.

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