7 Tips For Spray Painting Your Interior in Denver Metro, CO

In the course of painting the interior of your home, you may think about the various ways in which you can get the painting done in a timely manner.

There are many techniques that you can employ, but in terms of speed you can’t do too much better than spray painting — yet it helps if you know what you are doing while you are making use of this most excellent painting technique.

Let’s look at and consider seven tips for spray painting your interior in Denver Metro, CO

1. Remove Furniture Or Move It To The Center

One of the most important things that you can do in terms of making sure that your furniture does not get paint on it and to that end, you have basically two options — removing the furniture from the room or moving it to the center of the room.

When you remove the furniture from the room of course you’re taking the safer route because you’re not going to have the furniture in the room anymore to get paint on it.

By taking it to the center of the room, however, you must then take on one extra step which is to cover it with either a drop cloth or a tarp of some sort that will protect it from paint splatters.

2. Clean Walls Are Necessary

The first step toward having a wall that is painted well is to have a good and clean surface — though you might think that you’re painting the walls and so it doesn’t matter if they’re clean or dirty in the first place, it absolutely does.

Since you’re going to be painting the walls, you should thoroughly clean them using either some sort of a soft cloth or other cleaning fabric, and then once you are done and you have fully clean walls, of course, you have to take the time to make sure that the walls are dry before you proceed.

3. Realize That It’s More Difficult

The process of painting the walls with a paintbrush or a paint roller is fairly intuitive and you can pretty much figure out what you’re going to be doing.

The act of spray painting your walls is a bit more complicated, and thankfully there are online tutorials that are going to be there to guide you in painting, else you might find yourself wondering what you are going to be doing at just about every step of the way.

4. Beware Uneven Surfaces

It’s most important while you are getting the surface ready to paint that you smooth out any uneven surfaces that you have on the wall and make sure that you fill in any holes (small or large) that you might see.

This is because when you are spray painting your walls you’re not going to be correcting these errors with the paint but rather just making them more obvious — fix the problems and then move on to painting.

5. Thin The Paint

Making the time to spray paint your walls means that you are going to have to modify the paint that you are using just a bit to be more compatible with the spray painting system that you are using.

The exact way that you are going to thin your paint is going to be reliant on the kind of spray painting system you will use, so make sure to read up on the instructions prior to doing so.

6. Start In The Corners

Quite possibly one of the more difficult areas of a room to paint is going to be in the corners, and so it is for precisely this reason that you’re going to want to start in the corners when you’re painting with a spray painting system.

This way you can give yourself a bit more time to spray paint and make sure that it looks good before you go on to the bigger parts of the room.

7. Give Paint Time To Dry

Lastly, it’s crucial that you make sure that you give the paint time to dry — if you are planning on applying a second coat, this is especially the case.

As much as we might want to believe that it’s going to look good to have paint sprayed over wet paint, it actually is not a good look — wait for the first coat to dry before you apply a second coat.

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