7 Colors To Paint Your Stucco Exterior in Denver Metro, CO

When you live in a home with a stucco exterior, one of the big questions that come up in addition to when is the appropriate time to paint or repaint it (for example, it cannot be painted soon after the stucco is applied) is the color that you would want to paint it.

There are so many colors that you could paint a good stucco exterior, but choosing one may be difficult as they might all seem like good choices.

With hopes of helping you choose the right color for you, here are seven colors to paint your stucco exterior in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Brown

Brown might seem like a rather unpleasant color, but when it comes to painting your stucco exterior, it could be one of the better colors from which you can choose.

Brown has a sort of back to nature woods-like vibe or feels to it, which is why it is often chosen as a paint color for home exteriors — that and people tend to relate or connect to the similarity that it has to the earth itself, or mud, depending on which shade of brown you choose to get.

2. Purple

Though some might associate purple with iconic Minnesota music legend Prince, there is much more to the color than just that.

Purple is a color that can be associated with majesty, and not just because of the classic song lyric from America the Beautiful talking about the purple mountain’s majesty.

Purple is a color that goes really well with stucco, though in some cases, you might need to be careful if you are using it in an area with a home owner’s association, as they could want you to only use certain more muted colors, and it’s difficult to get a purple that is more subdued, as it were.

3. Bright White

There are positives and negatives to painting your bright stucco white — one of the positives being that the color looks really good as far as colors go on a home exterior.

One of the negatives to having a bright white stucco exterior — which really also goes when you have white just about anywhere — is the increased need to do cleaning, but when it comes to stucco, you know that you’re looking at doing some power washing to get some of the worse dirt and grime off of the exterior of your home.

4. Gray

Gray can be a good compromise if you want a little bit of color for your stucco exterior, but you don’t want to go too much off of a neutral color.

A gray stucco exterior is still in the range of neutral colors and can go well with a number of other colors to contrast in areas like the windows or other areas of your home exterior.

5. Yellow

Yellow is a particularly good color for using for your stucco exterior — it lends a certain look to your home, which you will find in catalogs of photos of stucco homes.

It has a nice classic vintage look and can be one of the better ways to have your home stand out from among the other houses in your neighborhood — though of course, if you aren’t aiming to do this, you could also go with a more subtle yellow to ensure you fit in nicely.

6. Pink

Pink is the kind of color that might make one think about a certain sort of dream house for a popular doll, but there’s more to the color than just that.

Pink, depending on the shade of it, can look really fantastic on your stucco exterior, and if you have some black contrasting stripes in key places, you can really do a great job making your home exterior look good.

7. Blue

Lastly, let us consider the use of the color blue for the exterior of your home — it brings to mind nature and, in particular, the ocean.

You can even think about the ocean depending on the shade, but it will certainly bring a lot of positive spirit to the stucco exterior of your home.

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