7 Color Combinations For Your Accent Wall in Denver Metro, CO

An accent wall is a wall in any given room that stands out from the other walls in the room — whether it means that you paint it a distinct color or colors that are different, or even if you decorate it in some meaningful manner.

When you choose to paint your wall, you can of course go with one color if you’d like, but to change things up sometimes people like to add a second color — sometimes a contrasting color, and sometimes one that complements the color.

Let’s look at seven color combinations for your accent wall in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Blue And Green

One lovely color combination that you may want to consider for your accent wall is blue and green — two colors that are certainly said to be inspired by nature.

The important thing to consider when you’re looking at having blue and green together is what kind of each color you are going to be using.

The blue, for example, if you are going with a darker variety is best if matched with a green that is not all that dark.

If you happen to go with a lighter blue, on the other hand, you may want to go with a darker green that will look appropriately good with it.

2. Yellow And Black

Though you may think that the colors yellow and black have no business going together, this is not at all the case and the two colors are quite nice together.

Of course, you are pretty much limited in terms of your black (in that you don’t have various shades of black) but when it comes to your yellow, some find that the brighter the yellow the better — unless you are looking for a more mellow look, of course.

3. Purple And Blue

A good color combination that may serve you well for your accent wall is that of purple and blue.

The nice thing about purple is that you have what is basically a regal-looking color that goes together quite nicely with a color that you can find in nature, such as blue.

This is not to say that you cannot find purple in nature, but rather that some of the best purples that go with blue are a bit rarer in nature, as it were.

4. Green And Red

A perfect combination of color for your accent wall is green and red — if the color combination is at all familiar to you, it may be because you are thinking about colors that traditionally go together around December time.

Though of course, you are free to use that particular shade set, you do not have to — there are a lot of shades of red and green that will look nice on your accent wall.

5. Navy And Brown

Another color set that looks particularly pleasant and is also inspired by nature is navy and brown — navy looking a bit like the sea of course and brown being tree-like.

Of course, depending on what shade of brown you get, you can also see brown as being like the soil in which the plants grow!

6. Black And Gray

If you’re looking to have a more subdued color combination, you may well appreciate going with black and gray.

As mentioned above, you really only have one option when it comes to black but when you are looking at choosing a gray that will go along with it you can just imagine that there are hundreds of shades of gray and not just half of one hundred as some might suggest.

7. Clay And Pink

Lastly, you may want to consider the lovely color combination of clay and pink.

It’s surely one of the oddest combinations you could consider for an accent wall and yet it will work if you use just the right shades of clay and pink.

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