7 Alternatives To Painting A Bedroom Ceiling White in Denver Metro, CO

When you’re looking to paint or repaint your bedroom ceiling, you might think that you are pretty much limited to what was already there — and in all likelihood what was already there was just a plain white ceiling.

This does not have to be the case, however — there are many alternatives to painting your ceiling white, particularly if you are somewhat open-minded about what you are interested in having on your bedroom ceiling.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven alternatives to painting a bedroom ceiling white in Denver Metro, CO

1. Cloudy Ceiling

One thing that you might really appreciate from the perspective of something to have to look forward to on your ceiling is a cloudy point of view.

The really nice thing about this is that you are not entirely giving up on having white on your ceiling by doing this — but instead of having nothing but white, you will have the white in the form of the clouds in your own personal sky.

This is pleasant and can help you perhaps even to sleep better, having something to peacefully look at as you drift off to sleep.

2. Checkerboard Pattern

If you are at all fond of chess or checkers or any of the more obscure games that are played with a checkerboard, you might well appreciate a good checkerboard pattern being up on your ceiling in the bedroom.

Though for some it might get to be a bit dizzying, depending on how you do it it could be really well done, the checkerboard being up there.

Of course, you aren’t going to want to actually play any games up there — though that might be a bit fun if you somehow got velcro and some large pieces to go with them!

3. Faux Stone

There are many ways that you can get the appearance of stone without having any stone up on your ceiling, and the interesting thing about this is that it truly looks as though you have a stone ceiling.

Most of these ways involve painting the ceiling in a certain way with a few colors and kinds of paint that when dried resemble stone — of course, it will not actually be stone and will not have the same texture either.

4. Go Black

Though you might not want to have a white ceiling for your bedroom, have you ever thought about having an all black ceiling?

There are some who will tell you that having a black ceiling is not good and that it will cause your bedroom to look smaller but this is not the case.

5. Take Your Walls For Inspiration

If you are looking for ideas for the color or colors of your bedroom ceiling, perhaps you do not have to look any further than the walls that are on the sides of the room!

Indeed, if you go for matching the ceiling to the same color or colors as your bedroom walls, you might end up with a bedroom that has a nice overall blended look.

6. Navy

If you think that a darker look for your bedroom ceiling is going to look nice but you don’t quite want to go as dark as to have an entirely black ceiling, you might appreciate painting your ceiling navy.

It’s just the right shade of darkness but still retaining a bit of blue to keep the lovers of the more natural colors happy.

7. Color And Decal

Lastly, you should consider painting your ceiling a certain color and then applying decals to the ceiling in a pattern to give it an extra fancy look.

It will look almost as though you have special wallpaper on the ceiling but you won’t have any up there — and it will have a distinctly pleasant appearance.

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