5 Ways To Know An Interior Paint Job Was Not Well Done in Denver Metro, CO

When you’ve got to take the time to get your home improved and one of the things that you choose to get done is the painting of one of your rooms, it’s entirely possible that you will hire a professional painting contractor.

Alternatively, you may be moving into a home or apartment and have been told that one of the selling points of the new place is that you won’t have to get it painted since it was already recently painted.

As nice as that is in theory, you are going to likely want to inspect it yourself to see if it really is what they are purporting it to be — a well-painted interior paint job.

The problem is that there are some things that will be there and if you are not specifically looking for them, avoid your gaze — things that will speak to the interior paint job having been done not as well as it could have been.

Let’s look at five ways to know an interior paint job was not well done in Denver Metro, CO

1. The Paint Does Not Cover The Surfaces Well

One way that you’re going to be able to tell that an interior paint job was not done well is if you can see that the paint just doesn’t cover the surfaces well at all, and it is quite obvious.

There are.a number of reasons that this might have occurred, one being that the paint job was rushed and the paint was applied to the interior walls with so much haste that the work of applying the paint was just done poorly.

2. Paint That Appears To Be Cracked

If you look at the surface of the painted walls and you see that there are cracks in the paint, you will know for sure that the paint job was not at all done correctly.

Having these cracks in the wall means that there was some kind of failure on the part of the painters in terms of preparation — maybe they painted with the wrong kind of paint over a particular primer, or maybe they didn’t even use any primer at all.

3. Drips And Splatters

If you look at the floor or any other part of the room and you see any number of paint drippings or splatters, you’re going to know that the people that painted the room didn’t take the time to protect the room from such drips.

If you see these, not only will you know that the paintwork was done at least a bit poorly but you’ll have a big cleanup job to do should you choose to pursue the place.

4. Paint On The Ceiling

Of course if you look up at the ceiling and you see paint that does not belong there, you’re going to know that the paintwork was not done correctly.

The paint that goes into an interior paint job should only go on the walls of the room, and the way that you know that a painter knows what they are doing is that they take the time to protect the ceiling from being painted in one of a few ways.

They can put up painter’s tape in a certain way so the paint does not transfer over, or they can use an angled paintbrush, but in any case they don’t get paint on the ceiling.

5. Paint Strokes You Can See

Lastly, if you can see the paint strokes that the person or people used when they painted the interior walls, you’ll know that either they painted too quickly and didn’t make sure that they were smooth and even in painting, or they just didn’t apply primer prior to applying a coat of paint.

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