5 Money Saving Techniques For Interior Painting in Denver Metro, CO

When you are looking to paint the interior of your home, it is natural to want to bring down the overall cost of the painting project — any painting project can get expensive, and if you can bring it down without sacrificing quality, that’s a good thing.

Of course, if you take the time and care to figure out some ways to save money on your interior painting project.

Let us now look at five money saving techniques for interior painting in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Minimize The Number Of Colors You Use

This one is fairly simple and it makes sense if you think about it — when you are out there buying paint, you have to buy several gallons sometimes, and that is just for buying one color.

If you end up choosing multiple colors, there are several more gallons that you end up buying, and you often will end up buying more gallons of paint than you actually need — more on this later.

The better thing for you to do in buying your paint is to try to make use of fewer colors — for when you use fewer colors, you will buy less paint overall — and this will save you money.

2. Prepare Your Paint Surface Well

Though it may not seem like it would be an obvious way to save money on your interior paintwork, it actually will save you money in the long term if you are careful in your preparation.

This means things like cleaning up the surface prior to beginning to paint as well as things like making sure that your surface is as smooth as possible by sanding it first and using a primer before you apply the first coat of paint.

The reason this will save you money in painting is that you will ultimately not have to paint as often, and so you will end up paying less for your interior paintwork just by having taken the time to prepare for it first.

3. Don’t Use Cheap Paint

Another seemingly not intuitive thing is that you should actually look for the kind of paint that isn’t the absolute cheapest but rather look for the paint that costs a bit more.

Here again, the reasoning is that if you buy the absolute cheapest paint, you will be saving money up front but then in a couple of years when you find yourself needing to touch up the paintwork or even do it again from scratch, you will not have saved money.

Better to put up a little more money upfront and therefore have an interior paint job that lasts considerably longer — and one which will be less likely to give you problems such as peeling, and may even be significantly easier to apply.

That ease of applying will make the interior paint job that much more pleasant for you to do.

4. Rags For Drop Cloths

If over an extended period of time you save up cloths — things like t-shirts that get ripped and become unusable, towels that are just beyond use, and that sort of thing, you will be able to save on the cost of drop cloths.

You can use these rags in place of the drop cloths and be sure that you have had a positive environmental impact at the same time.

5. Quality Paint Brushes

Lastly, think about your paintbrushes — where are you getting them?

If you are thinking that the dollar section is your best friend for paintbrushes, think again — you’ll save money at the register but then will suffer when you are applying the paint and find bristles in the paint on the wall.

If need be, you can of course try to borrow a brush from a friend — the costlier the brush, the more durable it ultimately will be, and it’s possible you may be able to borrow such a pricey friend who perhaps may paint more often.

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