5 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting A Nursery in Denver Metro, CO

In preparing for your baby, there are many things that you’re going to need to do and in some cases, this means making sure that you have a well-prepared nursery.

Painting any given interior room is bound to improve it, particularly if that room had a sort of dated look to it due to color choices from the past, and if you think about it the future dweller of the room is going to have special needs as it were unique to the age group in which they will be.

Let’s look at and consider five mistakes to avoid when painting a nursery in Denver Metro, CO

1. Not Using Low / No VOC Paints

The first mistake that people will make when they’re painting their nursery walls is to just use any paint they find, perhaps based on the price of the paint alone and not taking other factors into consideration.

One such consideration is the level of volatile organic compounds that are going to be in the paint or paints that you will be using to paint the nursery.

Ideally, you’re going to want to use paint that has as few VOC’s as possible and none is best — if you can choose a paint that has absolutely no VOC’s that is going to be much better for the baby as they linger on the surface for quite a while after painting.

2. Using Low LRV Paint

As you can imagine, your baby’s eyes are going to be significantly more sensitive to light than the eyes of older children and even adults.

For that reason, you’re going to want to use paint that has low LRV — LRV stands for light reflection value.

Generally the glossier the paint, the more it will reflect light and that is not good for your baby.

3. Using Inexpensive Paint

Another mistake that people tend to make is to use inexpensive paint, even if it happens to fulfill the criteria of the first two things that we mentioned above.

There are a few problems with the typical paint that is inexpensive, among them being the fact that they are often more difficult to apply, they will sometimes have lesser ingredients, and in terms of durability they are often the worst — in that they will start to look more poorly sooner than not.

The end result of these different factors is that it will take longer for you to paint the room and it will be only a few years before you’re going to have to paint again due to how the paint will look — if you even get that far without getting cracks in the surface of the paint and the like.

4. Not Cleaning Before Painting

A problem that people will often have when they are painting any given room is that they won’t take the time to clean the surfaces being painted before painting.

Not cleaning is something that some people might do when they think that the simple act of painting is going to take care of everything as if you can just have a dirty surface and then paint over that surface and everything will be okay.

Instead, what will more likely happen is that you’ll have a room that looks like you painted over a dirty surface — and that’s not going to look good to anyone.

5. Thinking You Only Can Use One Color

Lastly, a fairly significant problem… depending on your perspective, that is… is that people will think that since it’s a baby’s room, they are limited to just one color.

This is not at all the case — you may want to stick to only two or three colors (and not go painting dozens, to make the painting project a bit easier for you) but you can certainly have more than one color.

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