5 Creative Ways To Paint A Kid’s Bedroom in Denver Metro, CO

The bedroom in which your child or children return after a long day can be a place of great creative expression – and we don’t just mean in the stories that they write or the drawings they may draw!

If you look around at the walls, you can see canvases that are just waiting for the right kind of inspiration — and if you take some time to apply this inspiration, you can end up with a bedroom that looks all the more fantastic.

Let’s look at five creative ways to paint a kid’s bedroom in Denver Metro, CO

1. Aquarium

One nice place that your child or children might like to have around them as they spend time in their room is an aquarium.

There are so many ways that you can express a good aquarium theme in the room, starting from the walls where you can paint a number of fish or other sea creatures, as well as the plants that you can expect to see in the sea.

You can then extend the aquarium theme by having furniture that is painted in the same theme colors, as well as a bed set that has other sea life on it — maybe even plush fish!

2. Jungle

The jungle is another interesting kind of creative way that you can paint your child’s bedroom, complete with all of the different plants and trees and wildlife that you can expect to see in a jungle.

What’s really interesting about the jungle is that it can be so rich and dense that you can expect to cover the entire wall space including the ceiling with different colors and your child or children will have something interesting at which they can look.

3. Space Exploration

Speaking of vast spaces, the very notion of space exploration is so wild — in a child’s mind, the vast reaches of space seem entirely endless and when you think about the light-years of distance in the universe, this makes sense.

The thing about space is that you don’t have to limit yourself to only painting the same generic-looking stars in the skyspace — there are many other things that you can paint such as planets, asteroids, and comets.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, of course, you can add things that don’t necessarily exist in the real universe, such as fictional alien spacecraft.

4. Library

Though many people would think about the idea of a library theme and dismiss it as something that is not all that interesting or exciting, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

One particularly pleasant thing that you can do when you’re making the theme of the bedroom a library is to combine a painted wall that looks like shelves of books as well as an actual shelving unit of actual books.

Of course, you can choose a selection of books for the painted bookshelves that your child or children would ultimately want to read – perhaps something from the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys series?

5. Cave

Lastly, consider a cave theme to the bedroom — one that might sound a bit dark or unpleasant if you don’t think it through, yet which can be quite a fun place for your child to hang out and sleep at night.

You can start the cave theme by painting the walls of the bedroom to have a number of textures implied by how you paint, as well as the way that you create the look of stalagmites off in the distance.

Complete the look with certain cave-dwelling animals that will peacefully share the space with your child or children and you’ll have a great-looking bedroom for years to come.

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