5 Creative Accent Wall Ideas in Denver Metro, CO

Sometimes when you want to update the look of a room, you might think about painting the walls — but what if you like the look of the walls already and yet still want to effect some kind of change?

One thing that you can do is to take just one of the walls and to make it into an accent wall — a wall that will be different from the other walls in the room that is distinguished in some way, usually a creative expression for the people that live there.

With that being the case, let’s look at five creative accent wall ideas in Denver Metro, CO

1. Stripes

One particularly nice thing that you can do for an accent wall is to take the wall and add stripes to it — and the colors of the stripes do not have to be the same as the color or colors on the other walls in the room.

Indeed, the colors of the stripes can be related to the other walls, and they can even be contrasting colors — but the thrust of the matter is that the stripes are relatively even, they will most likely look pretty good on your accent wall.

2. Fabric

Though some would have you believe that an accent wall by definition means that you have to apply paint to the wall, this is not the case at all.

One such case where absolutely no paint is required whatsoever is where you apply fabric to the wall — and the great thing about this is that you might even be able to get great deals on fabric or even get it for nearly nothing depending on where you find it.

There are many ways that you can arrange fabric such that it looks good on an accent wall — you can make patterns or even drape the fabric neatly on the wall in a cascading manner.

3. Contrasting Color

A relatively simple way that you can make an accent wall is to take a look at the color or colors of the rest of your room and pick a contrasting color or two to paint your accent wall.

The good thing about painting your accent wall a contrasting color is that people (including you) that are in the room are going to be able to appreciate the difference between the colors in the rest of the room and the accent wall.

4. Wall Of Pictures

Another fantastic way to make up an accent wall is to take some photographs from your collection and place them on the wall.

The interesting way that you can display such photographs need not only be in print — indeed, you can theoretically install a number of screens on the wall to display photographs in any sequence you choose.

Of course, doing it this way will be a bit more costly than printing selected photographs and having them framed and hung on the wall, but if you really want to have a bigger variety of images on the wall it will behoove you to either choose a digital solution or have the photos printed small enough that they can properly fit on the wall — or just have a wall that’s big enough to fit so many photos!

5. Wooden Panels

Lastly, let us discuss the possibility of having wooden panels be the accent wall — and this is not to mean that you leave wooden panels that are already built into the wall on their own.

Rather, we mean that you would actually layer wooden panels over top the existing wall to build a new layer — an accent wall that will really stand out as it looks entirely different from the other walls in your room.

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