5 Bathroom Painting Errors You May Be Making in Denver Metro, CO

In preparing to make your bathroom look better, one thing that you may want to do is to make the time to paint the walls — and so long as you go about doing it the right way and know what you are doing, you are going to end up with a nicely painted bathroom.

What unfortunately happens often enough, however, is that people will make some pretty fundamental errors in the process and these can end up costing money in correction and even substantially cause the painting project to take longer than it should.

Let’s now look at five bathroom painting errors you may be making in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

One mistake that people will make is when it comes to choosing the kind of paint that they are going to use for painting their bathroom.

Though you may be thinking that this is referring to interior versus exterior paint (and of course you would be right in that you don’t want to use exterior paint when painting your bathroom) there is more to the painting process than just this.

As you may know, the bathroom is a room in which you will find a good amount of moisture and as such, you run the risk of mold or mildew coming about – and if you make use of paint that is strong against moisture, you will help yourself be protected against these things.

2. Not Protecting The Floor

In painting your bathroom walls, you’re going to want to make sure to get your floors protected from the possible paint that can come dripping down  as well as the paint that may accidentally spill while you are moving around the room taking paint from one area to another in order to paint.

Another mistake that people will make is when they go to get protective material – they can sometimes get inexpensive protective plastic sheets which might seem like they are perfectly useful and adequate, but when you go to use them you find out why this is not the case.

By making use of a lighter protective cloth you run the very real risk that the protection will be short lived as you walk around the room painting the walls.

You are much better off making use of a heavier weight drop cloth as it will be less likely to move and also it will protect the floor better.

3. Rushing The Painting Process

In painting your bathroom, you have to be absolutely careful not to paint too quickly or to rush the overall process of painting.

This means that, for example, you should not try to paint too quickly in order to get the painting done sooner – for this will just make for more mistakes that have to be corrected.

4. Not Removing Mold

A fairly major mistake that people tend to make when it comes to painting their bathroom is to not remove the mold that may be there.

It could occur to a person that they don’t have to remove the mold so much as the process of painting will take care of it – but all this does is make a bathroom full of mold covered in paint!

Take the time to properly remove the mold or you will be seeing it later on.

5. Not Being Careful With Color Choice

Lastly you should make sure that you are careful with your color choice when you are looking at painting your bathroom.

As much as you might want to think that you’ve  chosen a good color based on how a paint strip might look in a store, it doesn’t give you a full idea of how the color will actually look in the bathroom.

If you get a paint sample and use it to paint a small bit in the room you will be able to see how it looks in the room under different conditions.

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