Pattern Painting Techniques for an Upscale Look in Denver Metro, CO.

Have you ever felt the need to refresh your space and give it a boost in style yet couldn’t quite figure out what to change — the color on your walls was satisfying, but perhaps adding something to it would be enough?

Wallpaper can be a lovely addition, but it requires skill, precision, and the knowledge that it will eventually have to come down — and taking down wallpaper is a pain few homeowners have the desire to experience.

Rather than spending the time and money on wallpaper as a means of giving your walls a little pizzazz, consider using paint and a bit of artistry to create a new, patterned design.

This can be easier than you think, so let’s talk about some pattern painting techniques for an upscale look in Denver Metro, CO.

It’s All Geometric

One of the most popular pattern techniques is the straight-lined geometric design.

Looking at the photo included with this post, you see a pattern that can be achieved by taping off sections of the wall and alternating paint shades to create the desired effect — but you can apply this at home with whatever shape you prefer.

These types of patterns are not required to be all sharp edges like chevrons or diamonds but can also show off a softer side with polka dots or curvy lines — in fact, a wavy design in blue shades can really make a coastal theme pop.

Geometric designs are pleasing to the eye, stimulating for our minds, and a great way to express our creativity without having to worry much about the technical aspects of the job — not to say this is foolproof, but it is a very user-friendly method and one that has endless pattern possibilities.

Feel the Texture

Similar to how people that appreciate art will discuss the particular brush strokes and paint choices in their favorite pieces, texture can be used on your walls to add the missing element you’re looking for.

By using sponges, brushes, or mix-ins, you can alternate the textures you use in your painting from wall to wall or even within the same wall to create a dynamic effect.

An interesting technique is the French strié which uses brush strokes to create the illusion of linen fabric — something that would look especially great with a tapestry or linen art print.

When opting for texturization, always be sure that whatever medium you are mixing with your paint is something that a particular brand/finish can combine with — check the website of the manufacturer to get information on your products to ensure the best results.

Stencil It In

Maybe there is a pattern that you don’t feel comfortable shaping by hand or you’d like the process to go by faster and that’s when a stencil comes in handy.

Stencils give you the flexibility to choose not only your pattern but also the size and placement — perhaps you just want a simple border or you’d like one accent wall entirely covered in your pattern.

You could combine the two in an open concept where a kitchen wall has the entire pattern while the connecting dining area simply showcases a matching border that ties the decor and theme together in an eye-catching way.

If you want to ensure your personality and uniqueness come across in your chosen style, cutting machines like Cricut are a great way to make it your own while still getting a precise cut on the design.

Regardless of your chosen method of adding a pattern to your walls, you can be sure that you are getting quite a bit of style bang for your buck.

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