Nursery Cabinet Painting Ideas in Denver Metro, CO

You may have a cabinet in your nursery, and if this is the case you might well want to replace it entirely if it starts looking less than fantastic – but you don’t have to replace your cabinets when you can paint them instead and have them looking possibly better than new.

However, it’s worth knowing that in the pursuit of well painted nursery cabinets, there are some things that you can bear in mind that will help you along the way to get yourself to a place of having nice looking nursery cabinets.

Here are some nursery cabinet painting ideas in Denver metro, CO

1. Using Paint Friendly To Children

You may be wondering what could possibly be meant by the term friendly, in that it’s not like the paint itself is capable of being friendly or unfriendly – but rather, this is a reference to the kinds of chemical compounds that can be found in the paint itself.

Even when you make sure that you have properly ventilated the room being painted, when you make use of paints that contain volatile organic compounds, you will continue to see elements lingering around for a long time after the painting process has finished.

Better to make use of paints that do not contain any such compounds and avoid that kind of situation entirely.

2. Look At Colors To Use

There are going to be quite a number of colors that you’ll be able to use when you’re looking to paint your nursery but bear in mind that the primary resident of the room (being a baby) will not truly be able to appreciate the color or colors that you apply to the cabinets

That being the case, it’s well worth thinking about the color or colors that you might find to be the most appealing – you can save the discussion of what the child is going to prefer as far as the cabinet goes for when they are going to be old enough to actually make their opinion on the matter known — and you will know when that time comes.

Until that time, you can more or less be satisfied having the color or colors of your choice.

3. Paint Over A Tarp

Though you may well believe that you are going to be able to paint without making any sort of a mess, the reality is that any application of paint on a surface is going to raise the possibility that paint is going to drip.

The time that you might spend in preparing to paint a set of nursery cabinets in making sure that paint does not get on the floor does not compare to the time that you would likely have to spend trying to remove paint from the floor should it get there.

Paint can be so very tricky to remove, even when it is some of the more friendly to children paint, and so you are going to want to protect the ares not being painted before you start to paint.

4. Consider New Hardware

When you are looking to paint your nursery cabinets, you will of course have to remove the hardware to make it easier to get to the various parts of the cabinet doors and drawers.

Since you will already have the hardware off of the cabinets, you may as well think about the possibility of getting new hardware – there are plenty of kinds of hardware that you can get for your nursery cabinets, and it’s possible that replacement hardware that you get for the cabinets could be even better for them than what you had on them before.

Think about the overall theme of the cabinets and perhaps go for something that aligns better with them.

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