Nursery Accent Wall Painting Tips You Need in Denver Metro, CO

For the most part, the notion of an accent wall is thought of in terms of rooms where adults will tend to spend a good amount of time – a dining room, a recreation room, that kind of thing.

However, you should know that an accent wall can look quite nice in a nursery, and if you make the time to learn about it, you can make a fantastic accent wall in your nursery.

Let’s have a look at some tips for painting an accent wall in a nursery in Denver Metro, CO

1. Cleaning Before You Start

One thing that you’re going to need to do when you’re painting an accent wall in a nursery is to make sure that you make the time to fully clean the area around where you will be painting as well as the surface of the wall being painted.

Doing this will help you to get a better painted accent wall, which makes sense if you think about how important it is to have a good surface upon which to paint.

Part of having a surface that’s ready to be painted is that said surface is smooth, and if you have a dirty surface you can bet it will be anything but smooth.

The best thing you can do is to make sure that you fully clean and then let the wall dry before you move on to the next step in the painting process.

2. Choose Your Color Or Colors With Care

You likely know that one of the defining aspects of an accent wall is that you have this one wall that looks entirely different from all of the other walls in the room.

However, given that it’s a nursery in which you are painting, it’s entirely important that you are careful what color you are using to contrast with the other wall colors.

There are some good gentle colors from which you’ll be able to choose and it’s a good idea to make use of one that will be pleasant for your baby to have in their room, even though it could well be quite a while before they appreciate the nuance of the different colors in the room.

3. Use No VOC Paint

Since the target audience, so to speak, of your nursery is going to be a baby, it’s more important that you use paint that has no volatile organic compounds.

Though of course we could review the ins and outs of VOC paint in a separate article, suffice it to say that for the purpose of painting anything in a nursery you will want to avoid using paint with VOC’s.

There are many kinds of paint that make use of more natural ingredients and these will help you to have a well-painted accent wall.

4. Plan Before You Paint

You should be well prepared before you start your painting project — knowing well in advance how much there will be painted in terms of square footage as well as having an idea of what color or colors you will want to use.

By planning the project in advance you’ll be able to get the right quantity of paint as well as a primer before you start painting (and having this in advance is certainly better than having too much paint and primer or even not enough of it, both of which have their own downsides as it were.

It’s also going to be quite advantageous for you to be able to know how long it’s going to go through each phase of the painting project as you will be able to make a schedule for when you will be away from the wall during times that you are allowing the wall to dry.

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