7 Ways to Make Your Landscaping Pop in Denver Metro, CO.

As we start thinking about what to do with our lawns when spring softens the ground again, we run into unlimited ideas and potential which can become easily overwhelming.

Should you plant more flowers, stick to a design, let things grow wild or just give the job to someone else to make these decisions for you?

Regardless of your choice, there will be work to do when the weather warms up and we are here to help you narrow down your selections.

Let’s get into it with these seven ways to make your landscaping pop in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Go for multiple levels

While terracing is often done to tame a steep hill for better landscaping use, you can also use man-built terraces to add depth to a flat yard.

Either way your lawn goes, these levels can be used to offer a different beauty in each section from flowers to shrubbery to a line of border trees — you can create an eye-catching ombre effect this way by having a variation of one color in each tier from light to dark.

A great benefit of this method is that the separation can keep kiddos from trudging in your flower beds and planting a border of arborvitae for example can add a second level of privacy to your property line.

2. Let it go… wild

Rather than planting an open space of grass, you can opt for a micro clover lawn (low maintenance, high sustainability) filled with wildflowers, shrubbery and trees that don’t follow any design.

This idea is great when you are looking for something beautiful and easy as a clover lawn requires little to no mowing and wildflowers are easy to seed and often require little in the way of hands-on maintaining.

This type of landscaping returns nutrients to the soil and helps to purify the air more than your traditional grass lawn.

3. Put your high school geometry to use

For a more modern approach, you can set up your garden or flower beds, patios/decks and any walkways with a geometric design that pulls focus to the landscaping.

You can put splashes of color in strategic locations and achieve the type of yard you see on the cover of magazines.

This idea does well with the modern style as it has cleaner lines and works well with a minimalist approach.

4. Add a little fire

Almost every culture has stories that began around a campfire or bonfire, and you can bring this tradition to your own yard with a built-in fire pit.

You can choose to build a pit yourself or buy a kit that makes your pit portable and leaves room for adapting to any redesign — in fact, you could update your setup every year and the fire pit can move along with those plans.

Adding some seating around the fire gives you the opportunity to entertain guests and spin yarns of your own.

5. Bring the kids to the yard

While a lot of yards with toys for children tend to look unorganized (although they are well-maintained), you can work the kids’ options into your landscaping design as pieces of interest.

Pathways laid to bring you to a treehouse or swing set area that are built to match your design style show your neighbors that you care about property values as much as your children’s opportunity to have fun outside.

This also makes it easier to adapt these areas back into the landscaping once your children have outgrown their toys.

6. Embrace the whimsy

There are lovely touches to any yard that add a bit of magic to your space — fairy houses, labyrinths and yard art are all popular ways to showcase your personality while creating a beautiful landscape.

You can hang colored bottles and spheres of glass from tree branches to catch the sun and throw their colors to the area around them while adding a relaxing tone when a breeze kicks up.

Lawn gnomes can be traditional or contemporary with differing styles and either make folks smile or laugh when they see the setup created in your yard.

7. Plant edible options

Finally, consider setting aside some of your yard for edible gardening with raised beds that remain stylish while also being functional.

Growing your own food with crop rotation is good for your soil and can add to your property value over time to replace nutrients and allow for better growth patterns in future decorative plants.

Beyond what it can do for your land, you give yourself the feeling of accomplishment that comes with growing your own food and a drop in cost for fruits and vegetables.

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