5 Environmentally Friendly Curb Appeal Improvements in Denver Metro, CO

When you’re looking to improve the look of the exterior of your home, you might think about things like the overall curb appeal, and what that means — the way that a person is going to perceive your home from the distance of the curb.

One element that some people don’t think about when they are working on improving their curb appeal is the impact that they are going to have on the environment — but there are ways that you can boost your curb appeal while being friendly to the environment.

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider five environmentally friendly curb appeal improvements in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Better Lighting For Your Porch

The porch is a place where people tend to like to spend time and if you are looking to boost your curb appeal while having the environment in mind, you’re going to want to consider replacing the light bulbs that you have on your porch, and possibly even the whole lighting system.

The thing about older lighting systems is that they tend to use a lot more electricity than newer systems, and with light bulbs you are looking at basically the same thing — bulbs that are newer tend to last longer and use less electricity as well — and sometimes can even still be just as bright or even brighter!

2. Walkway Made From Recycled Or Reused Materials

If you don’t have a walkway, you can take this opportunity to get a walkway leading to one of your doors that is not only attractive but also made of materials that previously served another purpose.

There are people who will take broken pieces of clay pots (meant for exterior gardening, that is) and will turn that shattered clay into pieces of their walkway.

By doing this you are not only boosting your curb appeal, you are doing so in an environmentally friendly manner.

3. Trimming The Trees

One of the more simple ways that you can boost your curb appeal while at the same time being friendly to the environment is to trim your trees.

Believe it or not, your trees do require periodic trimming, and if there is one thing that is not so pleasant to look at it is trees that are allowed to be unkempt — it is pretty quick for people to look at such a house and think that there’s something wrong with it based on just the appearance of the trees.

4. Cleaning The Roof

Another thing that you can do to boost your curb appeal is to clean your roof — and this is not only healthy as far as improving your curb appeal, it also will help the overall health of your home.

It is said that if you have certain accumulations on your roof, it’s entirely possible that over time those accumulations will eat away at your roof (depending on what kind of materials they are that have accumulated on the roof) and then allow rainwater and snow to drip directly into your home!

Better to make it a habit to either clean or have someone clean your roof so that you don’t encounter such problems.

5. Food Instead Of Lawn

Lastly, think about the possibility that instead of having a purely grass driven lawn, you make some plots of land available for growing things like fruits and vegetables.

For doing this is not only good in terms of the aesthetics, but it is also really good for the environment — if you think about it, growing grass is one of the most inefficient ways that you can make use of a plot of land.

True, grass does have its uses but food has even more uses and can be quite good as it provides food and looks nice at the same time.

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