7 Tips For Painting Laminate Furniture in Denver Metro, CO

When you have laminate furniture, you sometimes are going to want to change up the look as you may no longer be happy with how it looks — and painting it can be one way to update the look.

Laminate furniture can be a bit more difficult to paint than traditional wood and metal furniture, so it’s worth learning about how to properly do it before you start a project involving laminate furniture.

Let’s now look at and consider seven tips for painting laminate furniture in Denver Metro, CO

1. Remove Hardware From Furniture

The first thing you’re going to need to do when you’re looking to paint your laminate furniture is to remove any hardware that may be on it — this would consist of pulls and the like.

The reason that this is a good start to your painting project is that it’s a lot more simple to remove the pulls from hardware and to paint the furniture than to try to paint around the pulls and to spend the time trying to not get paint on them — or to somehow get the paint off of them should they get painted.

2. Properly Clean And Dry

The next thing that you ought to know about properly painting your laminate furniture is that it’s essential for you to first properly clean it and allow it to dry before you paint.

It’s important that this is done because you are not going to want to paint furniture that has not been properly cleaned — and of course, if you do not let it dry, you are going to have paint problems at some point later.

3. Gently Sand The Furniture

Another important element in getting your laminate furniture ready to be painted is to gently sand it.

The importance of the sanding process is that you are getting the surface of the laminate furniture more ready to be painted.

A gently sanded piece of furniture is going to be a lot more receptive to being painted than one that still has on its glossy surface.

4. Choose The Right Kind Of Paint

There are as you can imagine many sorts of paint that a person might want to use for painting their laminate furniture, but the best one that you can use is acrylic latex paint.

Fundamentally, the choice that you’re going to want to make is whether you’re going to use glossy paint or a more matte paint — it will depend on how you want your furniture to ultimately look.

5. Make Use Of Wood Filler Where Needed

There are times that you’re going to find some small dents or holes in the laminate furniture as you are working with it to try to paint it — and rest assured that you’re not going to be able to just use paint to take care of these holes.

Since laminate is meant to be a bit like wood, you can use wood filler to take care of these sorts of dents and holes — you will of course then have to allow it to fully dry before proceeding.

6. Protect The Floor With Newspaper Or Tarp

The process of painting your laminate furniture can get to be a bit messy, and so it is important that you protect the floor from the drips of primer and paint that come with the process.

All it takes is some tarp or if you have none, newspaper to protect your floor — a lot easier to cover the floor with a newspaper than to try to take paint or primer off the floor.

7. Allow Your Primer To Dry

Lastly, it’s quite important that you give your primer time to dry before you paint.

There are countless stories of people who do not do so and ruin their paintwork — instead of nicely going over the primer, the primer comes off of the furniture and onto your paintbrush.

Make the time to allow the primer to dry and get better results.

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