7 Tips For Choosing White Paint For Exterior Painting in Denver Metro, CO

In the course of painting your home exterior, you may want to choose to paint white — and think that you’re limited to only one shade of white (you are not) or that it’s just a matter of going into a paint store and saying you want white for your home exterior (you are not.)

Painting your home white can be quite a tricky matter, but if you come prepared to the table as it were you can make a good selection and have a nicely painted white exterior.

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider seven tips for choosing white paint for exterior painting in Denver Metro, CO.

1. No Undertone To Play It Safe

There are many undertones to white that will change the look of the white paint depending on a number of factors.

The problem is that if you choose a paint with the kind of undertone that will not be compatible with one of those factors, it’s entirely possible that as good of color as it would be independently, it may be the wrong choice for the exterior of your home.

The better choice if you really want to be safe is to go with a white that does not have an undertone as it will not possibly clash.

2. Look At A Number Of Palettes Before Choosing One

Even though the color white seems to be a fairly ordinary color, there are actually quite a number of different shades with their own nuances and the like that will look different depending on the light and the shade provided by the different things around your home — more on this next.

Since this is the case, you’re not going to want to just pick one white shade and go with it and assume that it is going to be the best looking white possible.

3. Consider Natural Light And Shade

As mentioned above, one of the important things that you’re going to have to consider when you’re looking at different shades of white to paint the exterior of your home is the natural light that comes, and the contrast with the shade that is provided by things such as trees.

There are many shades of white that would look perfectly nice provided that your house did not get any shading but would look positively yellow were it in the shade — so you have to know if this is the case before committing to painting the entire exterior of your home.

4. Look At The Surrounding Area

Another useful thing for painting the exterior of your home white is to look at the various things that are surrounding your home — things like the bushes and the possible gardens that you might grow in the front and the back of your home.

Having a look at these exterior elements and you will be able to contrast them with the whites that you are thinking of choosing for the exterior of your home.

5. Try Painting A Few Squares Next To One Another

A fairly simple way to help you choose a good white for the exterior of your home is to paint a few squares with different colors next to one another and to see which of them looks the best.

Of course, it is going to be even more useful if you look at these differences in a variety of lighting conditions, different times of the day, etc.

6. Don’t Try Testing Colors Inside

As tempting as it might be, you should not be testing the whites that you want to use outside of your home inside your home.

The reasoning for this should be somewhat obvious but it if it is not, here it is — the way the colors look on your interior will not at all be the way they are on the exterior.

7. Work With Your Windows

Lastly, since you often don’t paint your windows when you are painting the exterior of your home, you should look at the color of your windows and see how that color or colors contrast with the different whites you have in mind.

It’s a good idea for them to go together since they will be next to one another for years to come.

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