7 Tips For A Less Cluttered Looking Home in Denver Metro, CO

For most homeowners, having a neat home is the best home to have.

But busy schedules, young, energetic children, and generally just day-to-day life could make it difficult for some people to keep their homes clean and organized.

Lucky for you, slowly but surely, learning how to efficiently declutter your home can help you save time, space, and stress.

If you want to start a new clutter-free life, here are 7 Tips For A Less Cluttered Looking Home in Denver Metro, CO:

1.  Lose Bad Habits And Learn Good Ones

Building up good decluttering habits start with learning about your bad habits first.

Take the time to reflect and reevaluate yourself.

Do you buy too many things or never know where to keep your things?

Do you tend to leave items in a particular spot and forget about them after some time?

Learning what your cluttering patterns and habits are can help you keep track of it and eventually lose it

That’s also the perfect time for you to get yourself used to new habits that can help you live in a decluttered home for the long run!

2. Follow The CLAYGO Rule

CLAYGO stands for Clean As You Go, a policy many establishments abide by to reduce their visible waste and untidiness to a minimum.

Adopting this policy and turning it into a house rule is a great way to build the habit of putting things away directly after someone uses them.

Doing the dishes right after you finish your meal or putting the toys in the toy basket right after playtime are some examples of following the CLAYGO rule.

It doubles as a parenting life hack as well, as you can teach your kids proper cleanliness along with teaching them good manners.

3. Set Limitations

One of the biggest reasons for a cluttered place is having too much stuff.

Having too much of something is almost always never a good thing – and that holds for any excess items you have at home too.

Before you make any purchases, contemplate first whether you need it or if it’s just another item you want to buy on impulse.

Buying and owning less means less clutter for your home and more savings for you.

Less truly is more!

4. Visualize Your Home

Sometimes, the reason why our homes can be in various levels of disorder is that we might have already gotten used to it.

Try to look at your home and judge it from a visitor’s point of view.

Which places need to be organized, cleaned, or need a little touching up?

You could also try taking pictures of the different areas in your home and imagine as if you were to place them in a magazine.

Decide which things need attention and decluttering, and retake pictures after your clean-up session.

Having a side-by-side before and after comparing your home could help you better stick to your decluttering goals.

5. Use Organizers

Consider using storage containers specifically made to help with decluttering and organizing your things.

It helps you keep track of what you have and makes it easier to locate something you need.

You could also further help yourself limit the things you own by only owning stuff that fits in your storage containers.

6.  Have A Dedicated Clutter Spot

There are times when laziness can get even the best of us.

Sometimes, we’ll find ourselves having little trinkets like loose change or an extra pair of earphones, and we don’t know where to put them.

It’s always a generally good trick to have a dedicated spot to place our miscellaneous items for easy storage and access.

Be it a drawer, a basket, or even a shoebox – giving your random items their spot can help keep your place uncluttered.

7. Designated and Donate

After an excellent decluttering sesh, you’re going to have more than a few things that you could do away with.

Before you throw out your things, consider donating stuff like old clothes or books to family or charity.

You’re not just clearing your home of any unnecessary clutter, but you’re helping others too – now that’s hitting two birds with one stone!

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