7 Professional Tips For Painting Your Kitchen in Denver Metro, CO

Painting your kitchen can be more challenging compared to other areas of your home with fewer obstacles.

However, it can be quite an easy job if you know how to do it right, so knowing some tips for painting your kitchen can come in handy.

We’ll be sharing some professional tips for painting your kitchen to help you with your DIY project.

Here are 7 professional tips for painting your kitchen in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Clean Your Kitchen Walls First

Before painting your kitchen walls, you have to get rid of all the grease and grime first using a cleaning solution such as trisodium phosphate (TSP).

Mix a stronger solution of trisodium phosphate (TSP) for better adhesion of your new paint and to dull walls that are glossy.

Also, never paint over a mold; mold and mildew stains can easily be removed using trisodium phosphate (TSP) or vinegar.

Scrub your kitchen walls using a sponge, rinse them with water, and don’t forget to let them dry completely before you begin painting.

2. Check If Your Ceiling Has Water Stains

Most people overlook the water stains on their ceilings, however, it’s something that you definitely want to get rid of.

The water stains on the ceiling of your kitchen can possibly be caused by an issue in your roofing or a pipe that is leaking from a bathroom.

Before you start painting, make sure to fix the source of the water stains on your ceiling so that it won’t ruin your paint job.

You can use a stain-blocking primer to prime your kitchen ceiling, but never use latex primer since it won’t block water stains on drywall.

3. Patch and Sand Your Kitchen Walls

You can easily repair nail holes and nail pops on the walls of your kitchen using a patching compound.

Sand your kitchen walls as smoothly as possible using a drywall sanding sponge to get rid of all the flaws on its surface.

Dulling the surface of your kitchen walls by sanding also helps in improving the adhesion of your new paint.

If the walls of your kitchen are glossy, you have to sand them with the use of a bonding primer to have better adhesion.

4. Cover Your Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, and Appliances

Painting your kitchen can be a quite messy job, so you have to cover your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

Covering them will ensure that they won’t get caught up in your kitchen painting job so you can paint more freely and without any worry.

You should also lay some drop cloths on the floors of your kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about any spills from your paint.

5. Paint The Ceiling First

In any paint job, one of the most common mistakes that many DIYers do is painting the walls first before the ceiling.

This sequence is wrong, you must paint the ceiling first before your walls to allow you to cover the surface effectively with at least 2 coats.

By painting the ceiling first, you don’t have to worry about any over-spray by your roller.

6. Use Satin Paint On Your Kitchen Walls

If you’re looking for the best paint for your kitchen walls, we recommend using a satin finish or semi-gloss paint.

Apply 2 coats of satin finish or semi-gloss paint so that your new paint is more glossy that makes it easier for you to clean them.

Never use flat paint for your kitchen walls, since the dull finish will accumulate dirt and it’s harder to clean.

7. Paint Your Ceiling Using An Extension Pole

Never try painting your kitchen ceiling or any other ceiling without using an extension pole.

The extension pole that can extend for up to 8 feet is the best option to use for your kitchen painting project.

The longer the length, the wider your roller passes with better reach and better control.

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