5 Important Things To Do When You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets in Denver Metro, CO

When you’re looking at painting your kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider a few key things — things that may seem fairly insignificant but in the long run, will make a big difference in how your painting project turns out.

These are the sorts of things that you might read about online and briefly consider before moving on to the next big thing, but which are quite important to the long-term health of your kitchen cabinets since you seek to make them better overall.

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider five important things to do when you paint your kitchen cabinets in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Having A Color Or Colors Chosen

One of the most important part of your painting project is to make sure that you have the color or colors chosen — and this is certainly the case when you’re looking to paint your kitchen cabinets.

There are a number of factors that go into painting the cabinets a certain color, one of them being that you have to think about how the color or colors you plan on looking will look with the color or colors that already exist in your kitchen.

Of course, if you find that the color you’re looking to use for your kitchen cabinets wouldn’t go along well with the walls, for example, it would likely be a good idea to choose another color or colors for the cabinets.

2. Knowing The Schedule For Painting

There are few things in painting that are as valuable as the time that you take to paint — and if you don’t have some sort of schedule figured out for your painting project, it’s going to be quite difficult to make the project happen in a timely manner.

The reason that this is so often the case is that you’re not going to know what you’re going to paint and when you’re going to paint it, as well as the preparation for the painting project itself (more on this in a bit) which if you don’t have scheduled will be difficult to work out.

The best thing to do is to set aside time for the different stages of the painting process so that you know how long the overall process will take.

3. Taking Off Doors And Drawers

A relatively non-intuitive part of the painting process when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets is to first remove the doors and drawers before you start actually painting.

This is important because of two reasons — one being that it’s a lot easier to paint the doors and drawers when they are not attached to the cabinets themselves, and these will not get in your way and interfere with painting if they are removed from the cabinets.

4. Making Sure Your Cabinets Are Free Of Grease

Since your kitchen cabinets have been used in an environment that has seen its fair share of cooking (or so one would hope) it is important that during the cleaning process you look out for and take care of any grease that may be on the surface of the cabinets before you paint.

There are degreasing agents available but of course, you can also rely on the very same cleaning substances you use to remove grease from dishes — and make sure you allow your cabinets to dry before you move on to the next step.

5. Don’t Paint Over Wet Paint

Lastly, though one might not think it necessary to make such a statement, it’s important that you don’t attempt to paint over wet paint.

Though this might seem like a time-saving step, the only thing you’re going to do is to make a sizable mess and this is not going to be good for your kitchen cabinets.

Wait it out until the cabinets are fully dry before you apply a second coat.

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