7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Cleaning Your Roof in Denver Metro, CO

Your roof is something you often take for granted, but you can immediately come to realize how important it is the moment it fails you — if you find yourself with rainwater dripping on your head while you are in the living room, the urgency of a good roof will be quite clear.

It is therefore quite essential that you take the time to make sure that you clean the roof, but when you do so to try to avoid making some rather bad (yet avoidable) mistakes that could jeopardize the good health of the roof.

Let’s now look at and consider seven mistakes you should avoid cleaning your roof in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Standing On Your Roof

This is not a general principle — there are many circumstances in which it is perfectly okay for you to stand on your roof — but given what you will be doing (cleaning your roof) it may be just a little too dangerous for you to try standing up there while cleaning.

Granted, there are also safety precautions you can take to make sure that it’s okay for you to stand up there but generally speaking, it is a lot better if you clean the roof from a ladder or even a well built scaffolding system.

True, the latter is a bit costly but if you are deep cleaning your roof it may be worth doing.

2. Using A Power Washer For Your Tiled Roofs

It’s entirely possible that you’ve seen some videos in which you see someone taking a power washer and their sidewalks go from one color to another — and you think that’s great, I should do that to my filthy roof!

This is not a good idea — indeed, there’s a possibility that you could damage your roof and with a tiled roof you might even get some of the tiles to fully come off and get destroyed.

3. Cleaning The Roof When It’s Too Sunny

Though of course there are many things that you can do when it is sunny out but if you have plans to clean your roof, it’s better to wait for an overcast day.

This is because your typical roof cleaning chemicals will have substances in them that, if exposed to direct sunlight, might evaporate more quickly than necessary for the chemicals to take hold and clean your roof.

4. Ignoring Your Gutters

While it is true that the primary thing that you are set to do when you are cleaning your roof is to, well, clean your roof — you should not ignore your gutters.

You should at the very least give your gutters a once over while you are up and cleaning your roof and making sure that nothing needs to be done further to clean them — that they are in good enough condition to not have to at the very least make a plan to eventually clean them.

5. Not Protecting Your Plants

The very same chemicals that you are going to use to clean your roof might harm your plants if you aren’t careful and protect them.

The best thing you can do is to take some plastic material and after misting the plants to keep them moist, cover them to keep them safe from the chemical cleaners.

6. Not Trying Different Cleaners For Roofs That Need Deeper Cleaning

If you find that your roof is so dirty that the light cleaning that you are doing is not working, it’s a mistake to try the same cleaning techniques.

Rather, it’s far better to look at deeper techniques that you can use to clean the roof.

7. Not Wearing Protective Gear

Lastly, make sure that when you are cleaning your roof, you are wearing the right protective gear — things for your hands (your hands can easily get cut based on what’s on there…) as well as your eyes and even heavy boots.

Though it may seem burdensome, it is far better than not wearing such equipment and then getting hurt.

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