7 Guest Room Decorating Tips in Denver Metro, CO

Guest rooms may not be used daily, but they sure are an essential part of every home.

It provides a place where visiting family or friends can have their own private space for when they stay over for the night or multiple days.

Every area of the house represents its owner, so you have to make an effort to make your guest room look presentable and homely.

Impress your guests with your decorating skills!

If you want your guests to feel at home during their stay, here are 7 Guest Room Decorating Tips in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Go For Calm and Cozy

Your guests are visiting for a reason ‐ be it a family reunion or a party that went on well into the night.

Of course, you would want a place for your guests to wind down and recharge for the night.

When painting a guest room, accounting for comfort always comes first.

Consider choosing soothing and calming colors that will help make your guests feel cozy and comfortable.

Cooler colors such as blues and grays are the go‐to colors in creating a relaxing environment.

2. Make It Universally Appealing

The friends or family members you have staying over might have different likes and tastes.

With that considered, it’s better to opt for nude or neutral colors, such as creams or beiges.

These colors are universally‐loved and muted enough that your guests aren’t visually overwhelmed by them.

3. Go Simple With White

If you want a more simplistic feel, white is the color you should go for.

White manages to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere without making the room look unattended or unkempt.

Painting your guest room will also make it look wider and brighter ‐ perfect for smaller and dimmer rooms!

4. Skip Dark Colors

Keep in mind that darker colors tend to make rooms look smaller and narrower.

The last thing you want is for your guests to feel cramped inside their rooms.

Instead, choose lighter colors to “open up” your rooms and to create the illusion of a larger space.

5. Work With Your Artwork

Do you have any particular paintings or other forms of artwork that you want to place in your guest room?

Coordinate the colors of your guest room with your chosen art piece to make it look well put together.

You could use the color of your artwork as an accent color to make it really pop and amaze your guests with your superb decorating skills.

6. Add Furniture Meant For Storage

Guest Rooms are typically bare, with only usually having a bed and a couple of bedside desks to go with it.

But you have to make sure you need to provide your guests with a place to store their luggage during their stay temporarily.

No homeowner should have their guests rummage through their bags every day, so be sure to place a drawer or, better yet ‐ have a closet installed in your guest room.

If drawers make your guest room feel too crowded, consider using storage organizers that you can conveniently stack up on top of each other or slide under the bed for easy access and storage without having to compromise on space.

7. Add A Nook

Adding a nook is especially significant if your guest room is larger than average and you want to make use of all of its space.

Try incorporating a love seat into one corner of the room and a small shelf with a few books that you like.

Add a recliner and a small coffee table for that sophisticated feel if there is ample space.

It’s a fun way of adding an area that your guests can lounge on other than the bed and your book‐loving friends and

family members will surely appreciate having a little spot just for them.


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