7 Exterior Painting Tips To Consider in Denver Metro, CO

There are few painting projects that have the scope of an exterior painting project – given that the size of your home on the outside is considerably larger than the surfaces you will find in any given interior room, this makes sense.

If you come to an exterior painting project well prepared both with the equipment that you need, the necessary consumable supplies (paint and more) and have the knowledge necessary to get the work done, you will find that the overall project will go much better and smoother – and smooth is a word that counts for a lot in painting!

Let’s now look at and consider seven exterior painting tips to consider in Denver Metro, CO

1. Paint For The Weather

In painting the exterior of your home, one thing that you should bear in mind is the weather you’re going to be facing over the course of the year and how that’s going to affect your house.

Accordingly, you should make use of paint that is going to be better against certain weather elements that are common in your area – there are paints that are better suited when it snows often (as it does in the winter in Denver) and other paints that provide protection against extreme sun exposure.

2. Consider The Weather When Painting

Speaking of the weather, you should also take the weather into consideration when you’re thinking about what time of the year you are going to want to paint your home.

If it’s too hot outside, for example, paint will dry too quickly and you won’t want that — but you also don’t want it so cold that it takes a long time for your paint to dry.

Aim for a more moderate temperature and try to paint during the time of the day when the sun isn’t beating down right upon you to make it a more pleasant painting project.

3. Make A Painting Schedule

It’s important to make the time to plan out your painting schedule.

As will be explained below, you will have to allow a good amount of time for surfaces to dry so you should think about how long it will actually take you to paint or prepare a certain part of your exterior being painted, and then leave plenty of time for the surface to dry.

In doing so you will be better prepared overall for your painting project and know how long it is going to take.

4. Clean Before You Paint

On the note of preparation, you should make sure that the exterior surface of your home is cleaned quite well before you paint it.

A good surface to be painted should be properly clean as it helps to make sure that the paint adheres to the surface being painted and it contributes to an overall uniform look.

5. Protect Your Plants

In painting the exterior of your home you may not realize that you are putting your plants in a perilous position as you are painting but this is very much the case.

It’s a good idea to see how you can protect your plants — sometimes something as simple as a plastic sheet can help get them protected, and if you know you will be covering them for longer periods you should mist them with water.

6. Take Care Of Your Pets

We love our pets and want them to be well but during an exterior painting project we need to make sure that they are safe and that the house doesn’t get an accidental extra dose of paint on it.

Keep your pets indoors during the hours when you are painting or at least keep them well leashed so they don’t run around and possibly knock over painting supplies.

7. Allow Time For Surfaces To Dry

Lastly, remember that one simple way to utterly ruin a painting project is to try to paint over a wet surface.

Whether you’ve just cleaned your home’s exterior or you have applied one coat of paint and need to apply a second, make sure you allow the surfaces to dry before you move on to the next step in the process.

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