7 Deck Staining Errors You Never Should Make in Denver Metro, CO

When staining your deck, you have to be mindful of what you are doing lest you make any mistakes in the process.

You may find staining your deck to be an intimidating job, but we’ve got you covered.

If you’re curious to learn more, here are 7 Deck Staining Errors You Never Should Make in Denver Metro, CO:

1.  No Thorough Preparation

Before you go and start staining your deck, make sure you have planned adequately and are ready for the job.

Check first if your deck is spick and span – make sure there is no extra clutter, algae,  dirt, or grime that has seeped into it.

Also, see to it that you have completely blocked off your deck before you begin.

You don’t want pets or children gaining entry to your workspace while you’re busy, or you’ll have a hard time finishing.

2.  Not Using Quality Materials

Sure, you want to save every dollar you can whenever you do big projects like this.

But using cheap, low-end materials could cost you more in the long run.

Cheaper stains tend to be susceptible to wear and tear faster, making you have to do restaining earlier than expected.

Instead, invest in better quality brands to make your deck stains last longer and stay the same quality even after a lengthy amount of time.

3. Working At The Wrong Time

Sometimes, we might get a little too excited about starting, so we tend to go at it without thinking of other external factors.

Remember to check the weather reports first before you go on with staining your deck.

Nothing is more disappointing to have already started on staining only to stop halfway due to bad weather.

On the other hand, staining your deck during scorching times of the day may also wreck your job as the heat may evaporate or dry the stain before it gets the chance to seep into the deck thoroughly.

It will save you a lot of hassle and disappointment when you ensure your deck has just the proper moisture and stain at the correct temperatures.

Remember, working at the wrong time is wasting your time.

4. Using Too Much Stain

It’s important to remember that stains are different from paint – that is, adding multiple coats of stain doesn’t make your deck any better.

Overstaining your deck causes more harm than good.

Your deck would not correctly absorb the stain if you layer it too thick or apply multiple coats, resulting in a cracked and flaky deck.

Apply one – or at most, two – even coat of stain and allow it to fully dry for a smooth finish.

5. Staining New Decks Like Old Ones

This is a common mistake done by many, as people think that a brand new deck can be stained precisely as an old one can.

You cannot work on a new deck right away, as more recent decks are coated with Mill Glaze as a protectant.

This glaze needs to be removed, and the deck has to be exposed to the seasons for a bit to release moisture before it is stained.

Pro tip: newer decks don’t need to be cleaned as thoroughly as older decks – just give it a quick clean and sanding, and you can start staining.

6. Applying The Wrong Sealer

A poor choice of stain may throw all of your effort out the window.

Opt for an oil-based stain as it tends to seep into the wood deeper and it allows the wood to breathe while maintaining an even finish.

7. Forgetting Or Skipping Maintenance

Proper deck maintenance is key to ensuring its durability all year round or until it’s time for its next restaining.

Check if your deck needs to be stained again; a good rule of thumb is to drip small amounts of water onto your deck.

If the water forms into beads, your deck is still good to go.

But if it does not bead and instead drains into the wood – then be ready to plan for your next deck restoration.


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