7 Children Bedroom Themes To Consider in Denver Metro, CO

There’s something positively magical about thinking about your kid’s room, and how you can give the bedroom a certain theme according to their own interests or if they aren’t old enough, the theme you might think would be good for them.

There are so many bedroom themes and ideas out there from which you could choose, that we could likely run a series on the subject (let us know in the comments below if you would be interested in further exploration of the topic) as the only limits on the themes you can use are your imagination.

With that being the case, here are seven children bedroom themes to consider in Denver Metro, CO.

1. The Forest

The forest is one of the most simple bedroom ideas that you can choose for your child’s room, yet it can be fairly rich as well, depending on the lengths to which you paint the walls.

You can paint things such as different trees of a variety of sizes and types — you don’t want to have the same tree over and over — as well as other bits of shrubbery.

2. The Beach

The beach is another fairly fantastic place that kids can enjoy visiting whenever they go to their bedroom to study or even just play a board game with a sibling or a friend.

You can do things like have the horizon with the ocean out on one wall and other things like views from the beach on the other walls.

You could even have such structures like beach houses and perhaps even sandcastles off in the distance — or if you have the access, you can get furniture that you might say is inspired by the beach.

3. TreeHouse

You don’t actually have to be in a tree to look like you’re in a treehouse.

If you paint the walls of the room just right, you can make it look like you’re in a treehouse any time you are in the bedroom, which is themed to look like the interior of a treehouse.

You could, for example, paint the walls to look like you have windows in the treehouse, and you have a good view from the tree to the rest of the world.

You could also have the bed be more tree house-themed and look as though it belongs there.

4. Comic Book Characters

Though you wouldn’t want to do this as a paid service for someone else (watch out for lawyers!), you can certainly make your children’s bedroom look that much nicer if you add some comic characters on the wall.

They don’t even have to be enormous to really get the mood of the room improved, though it could be nice to come home from school on any given day and know that Jughead is sitting in the bedroom waiting to hang out with you.

Having the bedroom decorated with comic book characters can make it a more fun place to be in general.

5. Space Exploration

Children love the idea of exploring space, in part because of how far out it reaches and the idea that it could be nearly infinite, so to speak.

You could paint the walls black and then have glow in the dark paint that gets the shapes of stars on the wall.

You can even step it up by turning bunk beds into a rocket ship with the lower space being the space ship

6. Movie Magic

You can bring the magic of movie-making in your children’s bedroom, though, of course, you will want to keep the magic related to movies that your children like.

Once you discover what movies those are, you can take characters and inspiration and decorate the room accordingly.

7. Princess Bedroom

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are; there may be just the wish to have the bedroom of a princess in your home.

The fancier, the better when it comes to making your princess bedroom, but the rest is really up to you — you don’t have to limit yourself to certain colors as a princess can have any color she wants.

She’s a princess, after all!

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