5 Ways To Match Exterior Colors When Painting in Denver Metro, CO

When you want to paint the exterior of your home and you’d like to have the color match the one that was previously there, you of course would have no to few issues if you keep the information about the paint.

Such information would include what kind of paint was used (in terms of manufacturer and qualities related to it) as well as the precise color tint — these are sometimes represented not just by a name but a manufacturer code that is specific to them.

If, however, you do not have this information, your task will be a bit more difficult — but not impossible if you follow a few basic guidelines, some of which will more approximately match the original color of your house.

Let’s now look at and consider five ways to match exterior colors when painting in Denver Metro, CO

1. Approximating By Appearance

The first and generally least accurate way to match the exterior color on your house with what was previously used is to approximate it based on the appearance of the color in the paint store.

When you go to the paint store, you can look through the various paint colors on swatches and see which one looks to you the same as the color or colors you remember being on the exterior of your home.

This is the least accurate because our memories are only so accurate, and so the best you can

2. Bringing In A Photograph

The next thing that you will be able to do to match the exterior color from your house is to bring a photograph of the house as it was when it was first painted, if possible, to the paint store.

Here the upside is that if your photograph was taken in the right light, you should be able to get an approximate match for the exterior color — but of course, that is a big if and it also depends on the photograph being taken at the right time.

The worst case scenario is that the photo was not taken in the right light and you end up with an exterior color that resembles the former color but is not precisely the same.

3. Using An App

There are apps that you can get for your smartphone that can have a look at a paint color and then tell you what kind of paint it is.

The downside to some of the apps out there is that they may be sponsored by certain paint companies and so they may suggest paints that they make regardless of how close of a match the color is — but that’s how they can justify making such apps (in that they will guide you to buying their paints)

4. Contact The Previous Homeowners

A seemingly simple yet not always manageable way to get information about the color that was previously used on the exterior of your home is to try to make contact with the previous homeowners and to ask them, and hope for the best.

It’s entirely possible that they had some kind of written record of the paint information that they’re going to be able to pass on to you — but this entirely relies on being both able to get in contact with them and also them having the information.

5. Get A Sample Analyzed

The last method is the most likely to get you a color match that is going to best represent what you had as far as exterior paint color goes.

What you do is to take a scraping of the actual paint on the exterior of your home and take it to a paint store that has the right kind of machinery for analyzing paint samples and they will be able to tell you with high precision the kind of paint that was used in painting the exterior of your home.

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