5 Tips For Painting Your Laundry Room in Denver Metro, CO

There are few places that are quite like your laundry room — it’s a place where you will find yourself going mostly when you have one of a few needs – one being the need to do the laundry, and the other basically being the need to replenish the supplies related to doing your laundry.

It’s not like people normally will go to their laundry room to do other things – and yet you should know that even your laundry room should have well-painted walls, meaning that on occasion it will be a good idea to repaint them to get them looking nice again.

Alternatively, when you’re setting up your laundry room for the first time you should think about giving it a good paint job.

With that being the case, let’s now look at and consider five tips for painting your laundry room in Denver Metro, CO

1. Flat Paint May Be Okay

Though there are plenty of rooms in which you are more likely to want to avoid making use of flat paint, the laundry room is not one such room.

The reason that flat paint can be okay in a laundry room is directly related to the low amount of traffic that your laundry room gets (vis-a-vis how infrequently it is used) coupled with the fact that you just go in there to get clean laundry or to deposit dirty laundry… but the laundry isn’t likely to hit the wall at any point.

As such, your walls aren’t going to get regularly dirty to the point that you would want to clean them as you would if you were looking at painting your dining room, for example.

2. Try To Move Machines Well Away

In the process of painting your laundry room, you are going to want to have a good amount of free space in front of the wall such that it will be more simple to paint it well.

The washing machine and the dryer are the two big candidates for things to move away from the wall during the painting process, as they are more normally found quite close to the wall which is good during operation but not good at all when you are trying to paint the walls.

Of course, removing everything from the room would be ideal but this is not always so feasible especially given how heavy the machines are.

3. Plan Out Your Painting Project

For the purpose of getting your laundry room painted well, you should make sure that you have first planned out your project before you start out on it.

This is because you have to purchase supplies and paint and primer and other consumables and so you will be better off having a good plan to paint including how much paint you’re going to need and how much primer and the like.

By having a plan you’ll also know when to paint and when to rest, which is particularly helpful since there will be times you need to let surfaces dry.

4. Clean Before You Paint

If you want to properly paint your laundry room, it’s imperative that you first clean the walls that are going to be painted as well as the area near where you are going to be doing your painting.

The former is a bit more easily understood, but the latter is also important as you don’t want things getting in your way while you paint and you also aren’t going to want to possibly get dust or dirt from the floor onto your painted surfaces.

5. Wear Protective Equipment

Lastly, you should remember that you have to protect yourself from the various elements of the painting process that could well be harmful – those being the dust that can come about as you prepare to paint as well as the paint itself.

Remember to wear a protective mask so you don’t breathe in the dust while you prepare and protective goggles – easier to clean goggles than to do something about paint by your eyes!

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