5 Practical Tips For Painting A Kids Playroom in Denver Metro, CO

For families with kids that have some extra space to spare, playrooms will be a worthwhile investment.
A playroom is generally a room or area where most families keep their toys and other games in.
To kids, this is where they want to spend most of their time when they’re bored or when they can’t go out to play.
Playrooms can keep your children occupied, especially in areas where there are typically no children’s parks or playgrounds.
Parents can also rest easy knowing their kids can still get the playtime they need while mom and dad take a couple of hours to relax.
How the playroom looks will significantly encourage your kids’ creativity and imagination, so it’s crucial to design it in a fun and suitable way for children.

With that said, here are 5 Practical Tips Painting A Kids Playroom in Denver Metro, CO:

1. Choose Safer Paints

It’s important to note that though paints generally have a low chance of causing health-related issues, they release low levels of toxic emissions called volatile organic compounds or VOC that could be harmful to young children.
Go for specific brands that offer low-VOC or zero-VOC paints to keep your playroom safe for your kids.
Consider using eco-friendly paints as well.
Playrooms intend to keep your kids happy, but it’s also vital to keep them healthy and safe while you’re at it.

2. Protect Your Walls

Children, especially in their earlier years, will have an innate curiosity and drive to explore new things.
They also have little to no perception of how chaotic they can get as well.
Coloring material of choice in hand, they’ll want to scribble anywhere and everywhere – including your walls.
For your sanity and your kids’ convenience, it’s better to go for paint finishes that are durable and wipeable such as flat, satin, or even eggshell, for worry-free art time.

3. Turn Your Walls Into A Free Drawing Space

What if you want your kids to explore their artsy side – even if it means you have to watch them draw on the walls?
Not to worry, since there are paints out in the market specifically made just for that purpose.
Good thing there are brilliant minds at some paint brand companies – who must have their hands full with creative young ones too – that have thought of turning paint into a fun activity for kids.
You can purchase chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint to make your walls fun yet functional!

4. Add A Mural

If you want to cover more expansive walls and set a positive and playful environment for your kids, Murals are a great choice.
Murals are pieces of art that are generally painted on walls – and that includes your playroom’s walls!
If you have a budding artist at your hands, adding a mural can help stimulate their artistic senses and inspire them to create more art.
For parents, adding a mural can be a quick and easy way to hide any stains or permanent drawings from view.

5.  Incorporate A Theme

Still can’t decide on how to paint your playrooms? Go with a theme instead!
Embracing a specific theme for your playroom saves a lot of planning on what to paint your walls as you can get a clear image of what you and your kids want.
It’s a fun way to let your kids inject their personalities into a room specifically made for their enjoyment.
Not only is it easier and quicker to find items and furniture that you could incorporate into your playroom, but you could also change it up as your kid’s age.

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