Should You Paint Your Brick Exterior in Denver Metro, CO?

When you own a home with a brick exterior, one of the big questions that come up in terms of updating the look of the house is whether or not you should paint the brick exterior.

There are certainly pros and cons to doing it, and while this can be said of just about any exterior home paintwork, brick painting is somewhat unique in the way that you can’t go back once you have done it.

That being the case, let us now consider whether you should paint your brick exterior in Denver Metro, CO.

Pro: A Painted Brick Exterior Is Easier To Clean

As far as cleaning goes, the more porous a material is, the more difficult it is to clean — and you won’t find too many building materials that are porous the way that brick is.

When you paint brick exterior, however, you take away that porous quality — and that makes it considerably easier to clean.

For those that appreciate a regular cleaning of their home exterior, having a painted brick exterior will make their lives that much easier.

Con: A Painted Brick Exterior Needs To Be Cleaned More Often

The flip side to the ability to clean your painted brick exterior more easily is the fact that depending on what color you use for your paint job, you will be able to see any dirt or grime more easily. Therefore, you might find yourself having to clean your brick exterior more often.

Of course, this is tempered by the fact that it is that much easier to clean.

Pro: Painted Brick Exterior Protects Against Foul Weather

Depending on what kind of paint you choose to use when you paint your brick exterior, you will find that your house is better protected against bad weather elements like rain or snow, even in strong winds.

This is in part because the paint makes the exterior non-porous, as opposed to the nature of brick, which is more susceptible to such bad weather.

Many paints have a UV protective element as well, and painting the brick exterior will help protect against that for a number of years.

Con: If Water Gets In Beneath The Paint, It May Ruin The Brick Underneath

If for some reason you have any kind of breach in the paint job — any sort of crack or rupture where water may seep in, and under the paint job, your bricks may get ruined over time.

This is all entirely dependent on a couple of factors — one of which is that the paint is the kind that cannot breathe, which is to say that it does not allow water to get out.

There are certain newer sorts of paints that are more breathable, and if that is the kind of paint that you use for painting your brick exterior, you have less to worry about regarding this matter as it is only the trapped water that damages brick over the long term.

Pro: Your Home Is Boosted In Curb Appeal

There’s one thing that can be said for a home with a painted brick exterior, and that is that the curb appeal is higher than a home without such an exterior.

Curb appeal refers to the perceived value of the home as a passerby might see it when they are on the sidewalk or the street — hence curb appeal.

Con: It’s A One Way Road

As mentioned above, you can’t go back from painting your brick exterior.

This is because painted brick is nearly impossible to get back to its unpainted state, and even if you do get off the paint, it will never look the same as it did prior to being painted.

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