Your bathroom cabinets might look fantastic and have a good solid build, but if it has been a long time since they were painted or you just want to change up the look of them, one thing you are going to have to face is choosing a paint color or colors for them.

There are quite a number of colors from which you’ll be able to choose, but you may find that some are more appropriate than others – though ultimately you will be the best judge of what will look most nice on your bathroom cabinets.

Let’s look at and consider some paint colors you might want to use for your bathroom cabinets.


Though it may seem a bit unusual as far as colors go in terms of your bathroom cabinets, you may find that it is the perfect subtle color to work with the other colors in your bathroom, particularly if you have a lot of more sea-like colors in your bathroom like blue or green.

A really nice thing about the use of light gray is that it can be a particularly stylish color for a more modern or contemporary bathroom, and is certainly easier on the eyes than some of the brighter colors that some might want to use for their bathroom.


When people think of the sorts of colors that they would ideally want to see in a bathroom, they will often return to the idea of nature – there are few things that are so well enjoyed as a relaxing bath and being surrounded by nature colors can help with this sort of relaxation.

One color that can bring to mind the thoughts of nature is that of forest green, which gets its name from (you can probably figure this out) the color of the trees you would find in a forest!

The beautiful thing about this is that there are actually quite a few shades of green that would be considered forest green, and it’s just a matter of finding one that would work best with your bathroom cabinets.


An unexpectedly delightful color that you can use for your bathroom cabinets is actually pink, though not necessarily the kind of pink that you might find in the house of dreams as it were.

The thing you should bear in mind is that though you don’t need to stick to one of the brightest shades of pink, you can definitely use a more subtle shade of pink for its more nuanced look in your bathroom and enjoy the joy and life that it will bring to your bathroom through how it will look on your cabinets.

If you are thinking about how to best add some color and light to your bathroom, a very nice choice could well be pink — and it’s guaranteed to make at least a few people smile when they see it!


Before you protest that yellow couldn’t possibly be the right color for a bathroom, rest assured that depending on the shade you choose to use, you can make for quite an excellent set of bathroom cabinets using it.

One helpful thing that you might want to bear in mind is that if it looks like you are painting the sun in the corner of your art homework, that is likely not the right color yellow to use — though of course if that’s the one you prefer, all the better!

Yellow pairs quite nicely with the color black — not just because people tend to associate the two colors together but also because of the kind of contrast that you can get from it.