How To Prepare For Exterior Painting in Denver Metro, CO

When you are painting the exterior of your home, you should know that you are getting involved in a rather complicated project that can take a good amount of time to complete — the average person starting such a project usually underestimates the length of it.

If you go into it better prepared, however, you will be better off, and you will find that the cost factor goes down as well as the total amount of time that you will need to spend doing it — and there will be considerably less wasted time involved.

With that being the case, let us now look at some tips for how to prepare for exterior painting in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Have Your Supplies Ready

It may seem fairly obvious that you should have all of your supplies ready for any given endeavor, but for an exterior painting project such as painting the exterior of your home, what exactly does this entail?

For one, it is fairly wild how many people go into an exterior painting project thinking they know how much paint they are going to need and end up running over to the paint store because they run out.

In addition to this obvious one which can be prevented by using a paint estimate website/calculator, you are going to have to account for things such as the paintbrushes that you will need, what you will use to cover the ground/plants near your home, and miscellaneous things that you will be using in the cleaning and painting process.

2. Make A Timeline And Prepare To Be Flexible

It’s good to have a general idea about what you’re going to be doing on each day of your exterior home painting project, also don’t want to go overboard, and book yourself for more hours in the day than is feasible for you and whoever will be helping you.

It’s important to be realistic about how much work you’re going to be able to handle on any given day so, you should plan out in advance what you think you and your team will be able to do each day as well as who will be helping you and when.

That being the case, you should also prepare to be a little flexible and realize that sometimes delays will happen.

3. Don’t Forget You Need To Prepare The Surface

A lot of times, people will go into an exterior painting project and think that they can just start painting immediately without any exterior preparation, and that’s a mistake.

You need to remember that the surface of your home exterior needs to be prepared first, and that entails fully cleaning it and getting it well sanded and of course, making sure that the surface of your home is not damp before you begin the painting process.

4. Make Sure The Weather Is Right

It’s important that the weather is amenable to your painting project before you begin it because otherwise, you will find yourself fighting the elements, and that only leads to delays.

Make sure that the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, as both will contribute to the paint on your home drying either too quickly or slowly.

It’s also fundamentally important that you not try to paint outside when it is raining or snowing as these will lead to the surface of your home being damp — and a damp painting surface is one that will ultimately lead to paint problems on the surface of your home.

5. Make Sure The Color Is Right Beforehand

You could choose a color based on how it looks in the paint store, but that may mean that you choose a color that looks good in the light of the store and not how it looks on your home.

Instead, consider getting a few small samples of paint and paint swatches on the outside of your home and then comparing how they look under different lighting conditions — and then you will be able to say that you know what color looks good on your house.

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