How To Decide Between Paint And Wallpaper in Denver Metro, CO

When you’re redecorating or even just decorating your home, one of the things you will come to decide is how to make your interior walls look as good as possible.

You will be able to either paint the interior walls of your home, or you could always use wallpaper, and the difference between the two is quite stark.

The question is going to be the elements that go into the decision of choosing one versus the other.

With that in mind, let us discuss how to decide between paint and wallpaper in Denver Metro, CO.

Paint Advantage: Variety

When it comes to variety, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a medium that has quite so many choices as paint.

It’s true that you will find quite a number of kinds of wallpaper, but as many wallpapers, as there are, it simply does not compare to how many colors of paint are out there, on top of the fact that you can take that paint and create new paint tints by mixing two or more paints together.

There’s also the fact that with paint, you can go not just for a flat application but also patterns and shapes that will make your paintwork stand out.

Wallpaper Advantage: Texture

Though some people might find it to be curious to bring up the issue of texture when it comes to how you are decorating the interior walls of your home, to some people, it is actually somewhat important, and for the most part, wallpaper is the big winner when it comes to texture.

There are fabric wallpapers, foil wallpapers, the sort of wallpapers that have embossed textures as well as those made of actual suede, and more — this represents quite a variety of different textures from which you can choose.

Paint Advantage: Ease Of Application And Updates

If there’s something that is generally true, it is that people do not like to have to struggle when it comes to remodeling their homes, which is why often times they will find themselves hiring professional contractors to do it for them, because they would rather someone do it for them than them possibly making an error and the project having to be done all over again.

If you think about it, it’s significantly easier to paint your wall than to apply wallpaper — the application of wallpaper can be prone to so many errors that, should they happen, require you to tear the wallpaper off of the wall and start from the beginning with that section of the wall.

Paint, on the other hand, should you make an error — you generally will not have to go back and spend as much time to correct them — you might have to sand and re-paint some small areas of the walls that could have a need for it.

Wallpaper Advantage: Durability

When you look at an average paint job, you are looking at something that could last you anywhere from three to five or six years, possibly seven years if it is done well and there is much preparation done beforehand — cleaning, sanding, applying primer properly, and then applying a coat or two of paint.

Wallpaper, on the other hand, can last as long as fifteen years if it is applied well — and that’s not even something that is going to need all that much touching up, though of course, it will need a bit of warm water and soap to get it clean.

The caveat here is that if you have wallpaper, there is a possibility that you will get a tear in the wallpaper, and if you do, it is quite difficult to repair it in a manner that doesn’t make it obvious that there was a tear there.

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