7 Ways To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets in Denver Metro, CO

When you are in the process of remodeling your home, you might look to your kitchen as a good place to start as it is a frequently used room.

The cabinets are a good candidate for your remodeling, as they do need a periodic update — and there is more to fixing up your kitchen than just painting the walls or replacing the cabinets entirely.

With this in mind, let us look at seven ways to update your kitchen cabinets in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Remove The Cabinet Doors

One great way that you can update your kitchen cabinets is to remove the cabinet doors — therefore making them open cabinets.

There is much to be said about having open cabinets, including that you can more easily know what you have in the cabinets without opening them first.

Removing cabinet doors doesn’t have to be an all or none sort of deal — you can choose to remove only some of the cabinet doors and perhaps even make a sort of pattern from those that you choose to leave.

2. Replace Opaque Inserts With Glass Inserts

The cabinet doors that you typically see on a kitchen cabinet  will have opaque inserts — typically these inserts will be made of the same material as the rest of the cabinets.

A fairly simple update that you can make to your kitchen cabinets is to remove these inserts and replace them with glass or Plexiglas inserts.

This is the sort of thing that you can use to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets without having to do too much work to them — your cabinets will fundamentally be the same other than the glass inserts on the doors.

3. Add Roll-Out Shelves

Roll-out shelves are a tremendous addition that you can make to your kitchen cabinets that not only make them more functional, but also just a better set of kitchen cabinets overall.

Roll-out shelves will make it possible for you to put things away into your cabinets with greater ease, and arrange things that are going to be going deeper into the cabinet.

Roll-out shelves can ultimately boost the overall value of the shelves, which will be useful later on if you decide to sell your home.

4. Lid Storage For Cabinet Doors

One of the simplest updates you can make to your kitchen cabinets is also one of the most important ones for people who regularly are losing or misplacing their pot and pan lids.

You can install lid storage on your cabinet doors and thus make it so much easier for you to store lids in the cabinets without taking much cabinet space.

5. Adhesive Wallpaper

Cabinets can get a whole new look with the use of adhesive wallpaper, which can be applied to the front of the cabinet doors with relative ease.

The really nice thing about updating the look of your kitchen cabinets with adhesive wallpaper is that it is just about as easy to remove it as it is to put it on, so when you have an inspiration for a new design, you can replace the existing one with a newer one with nary a problem.

6. Stencil Design

Here’s another fun way to update the look of your kitchen cabinets — adding a stencil design to the cabinet doors.

Of course, adding a stencil design is a bit more complicated than just applying adhesive wallpaper.

It comes down to taking a design that you can make for yourself or find online, get it printed onto contact paper and then apply it to the cabinet door and paint it — and then remove the contact paper.

When you do this, you will be left with a nice design on your cabinet door.

7. Add A Spice Rack To A Cabinet Door

Lastly, you can add a lovely spice rack to the inside of one of your kitchen cabinet doors.

Having this kind of rack on your cabinet door can do wonders for your storage and organization of your spices — both in terms of having easy access to them and knowing which ones you have.

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