7 Tricks To Cleaning Your Roof in Denver Metro, CO

When you’re living in a home, you have to clean various aspects of the home and one in particular that sets it aside from an apartment, for example, is the fact that you have a roof that needs to be cleaned on occasion.

The cleaning of your roof can be difficult, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can do it well and without injury.

With that being the case, here are seven tricks to cleaning your roof in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Taking Care In Access The Roof

The first thing you need to do when you are looking to clean your roof is to make sure that you have safe access to the roof.

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to actually get on the roof, mind you — as this could very well damage the roof itself — but that you will be able to climb up in the area near the roof such that you’ll be able to clean it more easily.

In terms of ladders, you’re going to need to make sure that the ladder you will use is sturdy and tall enough that you won’t have to get onto the top rung to clean the roof properly.

2. Remove Leaf Piles As Soon As You Can

Piles of leaves look pretty innocent from a distance, whether they are sitting in your yard or on top of your house on the roof.

However, when they are sitting on the roof, they can pose quite a threat — and they should be removed as soon as you can.

This is because you can sometimes get leaves that get moist and then start to damage the roof over time, so take the time to remove the leaves.

3. Trim Branches

While you’re up near the roof, you should take the time to trim the branches of nearby trees.

This isn’t to say that you need to fully trim branches to give them a certain aesthetic but rather just for the safety of your roof.

Specifically, it’s important that you not allow your tree branches to be long enough that they could brush up against your roof and damage it.

4. Do Not Use Pressure Washer On Your Roof Tiles

When you’re looking to clean your roof fully, you may think that using a pressure washer will be a good option as it seems to be great for removing dirt in general.

The problem is that if you use a  pressure washer on roof tiles, you’re likely going to cause some serious damage to your roof, and if your roof is tiled, it might even blow the tiles right off of the roof.

5. Make Sure The Weather Is Good

When you’re cleaning your roof, you might not think that the weather would make that big of a deal — after all, a little rain could help with the washing, right?

Well, no, not always — if you’re going to be applying some cleaning agent, it will usually require you to leave it on for a while, and that means not allowing rain to wash it right off.

Additionally, too much sun might cause the cleaning agent to evaporate prematurely — so aim for a cloudy day that’s not too hot but also not rainy.

6. Protect Your Plants

If you’re going to be using any cleaning agent on the roof, you should cover your plants below with a light plastic sheet, perhaps after spraying the plants with a light water mist.

7. Consider A Rake

Lastly, consider a rake — to get miscellaneous things off of your roof.

It can work quite well and has great reach — be careful not to pull too hard not to pull off parts of your actual roof!

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