7 Tips For Updating Your Bathroom in Denver Metro, CO

When you’re looking to update the look of your home, a place that you might not think to do any work is the bathroom — you might think that since you don’t spend all that much time there, what can be done?

Indeed, the bathroom is a good room to update, especially if it has been a while since the last time the bathroom has gotten renovated — there could be a number of things that were done the previous time that make it due for such an update.

With this being the case, let us look at seven tips for updating your bathroom in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Updating The Toilet

One of the best things that you can do to update your bathroom is to update your toilet.

This can be a good idea not only for the aesthetic of your bathroom but for some of the environmental concerns that come up when you have a bathroom.

For example, you can take a typical higher water using toilet that you would see from the past and replace it with a toilet that uses less water, or even one that allows you to choose if you want to use less water when it is not so necessary.

2. Re-Tiling

Another nice thing that you can do for your bathroom that changes the look considerably of your bathroom is to re-tile it.

This too can have functional purposes as well as the tiles that you put on the floor, for example, can have heating elements included that will make getting out of a shower a much more pleasant experience.

Of course you can also re-tile just for the purpose of making the bathroom look a bit more stylish, especially if the last time your bathroom was retiled coincided with the popularity of Disco.

3. Painting

Another fantastic way to update the look of your bathroom with not too much work (depending on the size of your bathroom, of course) is to paint the walls, or at least the part of the walls that are not tiled.

It’s important when you paint your bathroom that you not only pick colors that go along with what you have in your bathroom but you use the appropriate paint that is resistant to mold and mildew.

4. Better Shower Head

Depending on what kind of showerhead you currently have, there’s a good chance that you might benefit from having a better showerhead.

This could mean anything from using less water over the course of a typical shower to spreading out the water so that taking shower is more akin to standing in the rain.

5. Updating Cabinet Hardware

A relatively simple way to update the look of your bathroom without putting in too much work (yet which will certainly be noticeable) is to update the hardware to your cabinet.

This can be things like the pulls of the cabinet as well as the drawer or drawers — and if your cabinet doesn’t have any pulls, it would be a good time to add some!

Having pulls on the cabinet makes it easier to open.

6. Chandelier!

As nice as the lights are in your bathroom, if you don’t have a chandelier you could very well have a possibly improved lighting situation on your hands.

A chandelier will make your bathroom look considerably more pleasant and though it may be a bit over the top, it could be just the thing that your bathroom needs to look its best.

7. Add A Handheld Sprayer

Lastly, when you want a better bathroom you might just need to add a handheld sprayer to the shower setup.

It serves you well in terms of showering and can definitely be helpful for parents.

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