7 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Deck in Denver Metro, CO

When you have a deck outback, there are many things you need to bear in mind — the deck is difficult in itself in terms of construction, and you then have to take care of the deck itself.

Of course, taking care of a deck is a much different process than the construction of the deck, but it is worth mentioning that maintaining the deck is just as important if not more important for the long term health of it.

With that being the case, here are seven tips for taking care of your deck in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Sweep Regularly

The frequency with which you sweep your deck is entirely up to you but of course if you find that leaves and other debris regularly find themselves on your deck more often, you may want to increase the frequency.

You will find that during the fall you might be sweeping more often and in other times of the year you sweep less often but don’t forget that even when it snows, it’s worth sweeping a bit.

2. Trim Nearby Branches

When you have a tree that is growing near your deck or even multiple trees, one thing you should be careful about doing is checking out the branches that are growing from the tree and how close they are to your deck.

When you have branches that are too close to your deck, it’s worth trimming in order to avoid the possibility of the branch falling off in a strong wind and maybe even damage the deck.

3. Re-Stain When Needed

Though of course we want to think that stain will be on our deck for many years to come, the truth is that on occasion you need to re-stain the deck to keep it looking good.

The process for staining your deck anew is not all that different from the original staining, though in some ways it is considerably easier to stain it when it is already stained.

4. Sand Problem Areas

There are some times when you will see areas on the deck that need to be sanded due to danger or other issues.

For example, if you see a bit of wood sticking out that could injure you, it would be worth sanding so that nobody gets clothing ripped or worse when walking by.

5. Look Out For Rot

When there is rot on your deck, it can easily spread — but not if you look out for it and remove it first.

Of course, it’s going to be easier to remove a little bit of rot than a lot — and that’s why you should keep an eye out for it and remove it.

If it gets bad enough you are going to have to remove the entire board in order to take care of it.

6. Wash Your Deck

It should be noted that your deck will have to be periodically washed — after all, just use of the deck on a regular basis will get it dirty — you bring dirt from walking around and that will dirty up the deck.

Even if you don’t wash it often, just making the habit of washing your deck on occasion will help to keep your deck clean and in good shape.

7. Inspect It With The Change Of The Season

Lastly, when it comes to inspecting your deck, you should at least consider making it happen with every change of the season.

This tends to be a good time to inspect your deck — which isn’t to say that you should not add inspections in between these — because when the seasons change you will see the most changes that will ultimately lead to your needing to inspecting the deck.

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