7 More Ways To Improve Your Curb Appeal in Denver Metro, CO

You may be aware of it, but in case you were not — improving your curb appeal is a good way to increase the likelihood that your house is going to sell for a better price — when people look at your home from the curb and have positive reactions to it, it is going to do better on the real estate market.

We have previously covered five ways to improve your curb appeal, but it is worth noting that there are many more to consider.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven more ways to improve your curb appeal in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Planters

Potted plants are a delightful way to add plant life to the front of your home without overly committing to one given plant.

Planting in a planter ensures that you will be able to relocate the plants with relative ease, as opposed to the plants that you put into the ground that get rooted and thus are much more difficult to move.

The other good thing about using planters for planting is that if you change your mind and want to get another kind of plant, it’s a lot easier to remove the existing plants.

2. Paint Your Front Door

It may seem like it’s an overly simple thing, but just the act of painting your front door can do a lot in terms of curb appeal.

This is particularly the case if you choose a color for your front door, which contrasts the color or colors of your home.

There are those who will tell you that your front door should perfectly match your home as it is now, but this is not the case — some contrast is actually a good thing.

3. A Path To Your Door

Having a nicely painted door is a good thing, but having a way for people to get to that door can be even a better thing, because not only does it help you in terms of your curb appeal, but it can help make it a bit safer just to get to your home.

This is the kind of thing that looks really good when people come to view your home — having a nice walkway, ideally, the kind that has outdoor lighting that charges during the day and lights up at night.

4. New Roofing

When people pass by your home, one of the things they are likely to first notice is the roofing that sits atop it.

If that roofing is dilapidated and looks as though it’s falling apart, you can just imagine that it is not much in terms of curb appeal even if the rest of it looks good.

If, on the other hand, the roof is relatively new or has been refreshed with newer tiles, the curb appeal can be substantially higher.

5. Landscaping You Can Eat

There are the sorts of plants that go on the outside of your home that look fantastic, and there are the sorts of plants that don’t just look good but also provide something of a tasty treat to the denizens of the home — and anyone with whom they would want to share.

If, for example, you have blueberries outside of your home, you can have a nice looking plant that also provides you with one of the healthiest berries — not just for you but for your neighbors to enjoy, if you’re okay with that.

6. Expand Your Porch

A good porch which you can look forward to sitting at night after you get home from work or even the sort of place where you can spend an evening with a friend or friends is an asset.

Expanding your porch is a wise move in terms of improving your curb appeal as well as making your home a nice place to visit for friends and family alike.

7. Improved Shutters

There is an expression that the eyes serve as the windows to the soul, and when it comes to your home, the windows and the shutters that surround them are about the same.

That being the case, you can do well for your home by investing in improved shutters for your home for a better look.

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