7 Budget Updates To Your Kitchen Cabinets in Denver Metro, CO

One of the nice things about having kitchen cabinets is that there are numerous ways that you can change the look and yet not have to replace the entire cabinets.

Some people even have this kind of update because if you look to update your kitchen cabinets, you may encounter a possibly high budget – but this does not have to be the case.

Let us look at seven budget updates to your kitchen cabinets in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Removing Doors

You can update the look of your kitchen cabinets without spending a cent to remove the cabinet doors entirely.

Of course, this is free because you’re taking something that you are already in possession of and modifying it rather than adding something onto it to change the look.

All you have to do is remove the kitchen cabinet doors, and you will quickly see how it opens up the cabinets (pun intended), and you will find that you have a better view of what is in the cabinets.

2. Replacing Cabinet Door Inserts

Another way to update the look of your kitchen cabinets without spending too much is to replace the cabinet door inserts with another kind of inserts — whether it be an opaque insert or even a clear insert

Options for a clear insert include glass or even plexiglass.

3. Stencils

You can update your kitchen cabinets’ look without too much work to apply stencils to the exterior of the cabinets and paint an excellent design to them.

The nice thing about stencils is that there are so many from which you can change — and if you end up not liking the design, you can choose another one.

4. Add Molding

You can also add a nice new look to your kitchen cabinets without spending too much to add molding to the top of the cabinets.

This creates a new look for them and additionally gives new depth to the cabinets.

Another benefit of adding molding is that you can add a new color to your cabinets without painting your entire cabinets.

5. Contrast Colors

If your kitchen cabinets are all painted one color, another exciting way to change up the design without spending too much is to add a contrasting color.

You will, of course, have to take the same efforts that one would have to take to add the new color to your kitchen cabinets, but it still should be considerably less costly than it would be to change the color of them entirely.

The important thing to bear in mind is that you should likely choose a color that will contrast with the one you already have selected.

6. Change Up The Hardware

A more subtle way to change up the look of your kitchen cabinets on a budget is to change up the hardware.

You can do this by removing the pulls on the drawers, or even the cabinet pulls and replacing them — not necessarily with new pulls but perhaps with those from secondhand stores.

The good thing about hardware from secondhand stores is that you can sometimes find hardware that looks nice and not have to pay too much for it.

7. Add Ribbon Lights

Lastly, think about adding ribbon lights under your cabinets — this will do more than update your cabinets’ look.

Adding ribbon lights under your kitchen cabinets can also help you see better when cooking or preparing your food in the kitchen.

This additional benefit can make for a better kitchen experience.

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