When you’ve got a baby on the way and you are thinking about the beautiful nursery that you’re going to make up for them, one thing that often does not come to mind is the budget.

Painting and decorating can be a costly thing, but the good news is that there are ways you can bring down the cost of it all.

With that being the case, here are some tricks for painting and decorating a nursery on a budget in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Consider Particle Board

As parents we will sometimes think to ourselves that we want the absolute best for our children and therefore that means getting nothing but solid wood furniture for the nursery.

Solid wood furniture is of course very nice and durable, but it can come at a fairly high price — and considering the short time you’re going to be using most nursery furniture, is it really worth it unless you’re family planning and have future babies in mind for your furniture?

The alternative you can consider is particle board furniture, which can be often found at stores where the furniture you buy comes packed flat ready for you to put together.

2. Ask Family And Friends For Gently Used Furniture

Another money-saving idea for your nursery furniture is to inquire with family and friends, particularly those for whom the years of having babies is, well, behind them.

If you know that they happen to have baby furniture, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they would be willing to part with the furniture as it’s entirely possible that they’re just hanging onto it with the thought that it may come in handy in just your kind of circumstances — the worst they could say is no, right?

3. Look For Mis-tinted Paint

When people go to the paint store and have a certain color in mind, they will ask the paint store to mix that paint for them and the paint store will do their best to match the color that the people have in mind.

The thing is that the people can then come back to the paint store and say that the paint doesn’t really match what they wanted and not have to buy it from the store — leaving the store with the paint still there looking for a buyer.

Since it’s a very specifically tinted paint, they will sell it at a discount — and that is where you will save money.

Bear in mind that you won’t have much of a choice over the color — but that could be well worth it in terms of savings.

4. To Be Recycled Paint

When people have paint that they no longer want to use — it sometimes happens when they buy too much of it — they will take it to places that will recycle it, which is good for the environment.

What some people don’t realize is that in many cases, you can actually go to these paint recycling places and ask them if they have any paint brought in that was not processed and they will give it to you at no cost — after all, you’re doing them a favor by taking it.

The caveat here as well is that you have no control over what paint you get.

5. Do Not Dumpster Dive

The last thing we’re going to advise is that you should absolutely not try to get your baby furniture for free by getting it from a dumpster or just tossed out on move out day for the people involved.

Unless you know the people personally, it’s simply not worth the risk of what could be wrong with the furniture that compelled the owners to toss it.

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