5 Tips For Safely Removing Snow From Your Deck in Denver Metro, CO

In the winter, you can of course expect to see snow depending on where you live, but certainly when you live in a place like Denver Metro, CO.

As an owner of a deck, you will find many things challenging in terms of maintenance of the deck — but when you introduce snow into the equation it becomes that much more of a task to take on.

As you’re not going to want to leave snow on your deck for too long, it’s a good idea to remove it periodically so that it does not cause long term damage — something you definitely want to avoid as it’s the kind of damage that will lead to your having to replace parts of your deck, if not all of it.

With that being the case, let us now look at and consider five tips for safely removing snow from your deck in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Take Care Of Light Snow With A Broom

If you have a small amount of snow on your deck, you’re going to want to take a good solid broom and take it along the deck, sweeping the snow that you find.

It is of course better to take care of your deck when you see this quantity of snow rather than waiting for it to pile on and on because that is when it starts becoming more difficult to remove.

2. Avoid Metal Shovels

When you have a larger quantity of snow, even as little as four or more inches of snow, you’re going to want to get the snow off of the deck using a shovel.

Of course, there are many kinds of shovels that you can get for shoveling your deck to liberate it from the snow, but you should only use plastic shovels — not metal shovels.

Metal shovels have a tendency to scratch and scrape your deck, which is the sort of long term damage you will want to avoid.

3. Consider A Leaf Blower

When you think about what a leaf blower can do, you typically are thinking about… blowing leaves.

Snow is not something that is at the forefront of the mind of the typical person that thinks about snow, but there’s a good reason that it should — it actually does a pretty good job of taking care of snow under a certain number of inches.

If you have more than an inch of snow but under four inches, you can do a pretty good job of removing the snow using a leaf blower.

It could be that it will take a while to get it going but you will surely find it well worth it when you see the deck free and clear of the snow that fell on it.

4. Parallel Shoveling

When you are shoveling your deck, you’re going to hopefully remember in which direction your boards run — and shovel in that direction.

Though you might think that it won’t make any difference if you shovel in one direction or another, it actually can make a substantial difference — your shovel can get stuck if you are shoveling in the wrong direction and the shovel lands between boards.

It can then go on to actually cause some damage to the boards as you try to remove it.

Better to keep to shoveling in the right direction and prevent the damage from happening in the first place.

5. Don’t Pick That Ice!

Lastly, if you find yourself facing ice on your deck you are going to think that perhaps it’s a good idea to hack it off with an ice pick — but you could end up with wood along with your ice.

Instead, better to use a chemical compound set to aid in the melting of the ice — and avoid damaging your deck.

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