5 Things To Remember When Painting Stucco in Denver Metro, CO

When you have a home with a stucco exterior, one thing that is bound to come up from time to time is the need to re-paint — it’s not like you can just wash your exterior of your home and always get it looking as nice as when it was freshly painted.

Indeed, for stucco exteriors are not like aluminum or even wooden siding painted homes in terms of how they hold up, painting wise — sometimes you really need to just apply a new coat of paint to your stucco exterior to get it looking good again.

With that being the case, here are five things to remember when painting stucco in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Power Washing To Properly Clean

There are many ways to clean the exterior of your home and get the loose paint that may be sitting there looking less than good but power washing is probably one of the better ways to do it, if you do it properly.

There is some danger in power washing in that if you are standing too close to the exterior of your home there is the possibility that you will cause some real damage.

This can also happen if you have the power washing set to too strong of a setting.

2. Don’t Paint New Stucco

When you have a home that has a newly applied stucco exterior, you may be tempted to jump right into the painting of the stucco, but this would be a mistake.

It is strongly recommended that if your stucco is new, you should wait a period of at least sixty days before you consider painting, as you will want to give your stucco time to cure and therefore make itself more ready to get painted.

Incidentally, you should attempt to avoid touching the exterior of your stucco home during this time period as well.

3. Moisture And Paint Do Not Get On Well

When you are looking to paint the exterior of your stucco home, it is important to make sure that your walls are in the right condition for being painted and part of this is that the walls are dry.

If your walls are at all wet or even moist, you will want to avoid painting them because that will ultimately lead to a number of issues with the paint job.

That being the case, you don’t have to avoid painting just because it’s raining out (though it’s a good idea to avoid painting just to be on the safe side) if you cover your home.

4. Testing Paint First Is Better Than Trusting The Swatch At The Store

If you want to know how your paint is going to look on your house, you might be thinking that you could just get a paint swatch at the store and have a look at it and others and see how they compare.

This is good but it won’t tell you how the colors are going to look on your house during different lighting conditions.

The better thing to do is to get one or two small paint samples of different colors that you think may look good and to paint them on the exterior of your home and then have a look at how the colors look at different times of the day — and then you will be able to tell which will be the best color for you.

5. Mildew Resistant Paint Is Best

The best kind of paint that you can get for your exterior stucco is likely mildew resistant.

This is because by using mildew resistant paint, you avoid the most unpleasant mildew a bit better than if you don’t use such a paint.

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