5 Reasons To Repaint Your Home Exterior in Denver Metro, CO

In terms of home painting, there are two basic kinds of painting — that which is done on the exterior of your home, and that which is done on the interior.

Exterior painting is similar to interior painting in that it is your home that is being painted. Still, the timing of the painting is usually different, and the motivation for the painting is also somewhat different.

It’s important not to neglect the paint job on the exterior of your home and to get your home repainted every several years, depending on the quality of the previous paint job and other factors.

With that being the case, here are five reasons to repaint your home exterior in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Prevent Water Damage

Though you may not be able to see it, paint slowly cracks over time — and even the smallest crack in the paint counts in this.

Water doesn’t discriminate in terms of cracks — when it is raining, you want to make sure that your home doesn’t have too many of these because they are precisely what causes damage to your home over the long term.

By making sure you get your home painted on a regular schedule, you can make sure that you prevent water damage to your home.

2. Get Your House To Stand Out From Others

When you paint the exterior of your home, you can help make it stand out from among the other homes in your neighborhood.

Painting the exterior of your home gives it a fresh and possibly exciting new look, which will just allow it to stand out from the other homes in your neighborhood.

Standing out could be just a matter of having a style that is distinctive as well as just looking newer.

3. Increase The Value

When you get a fresh paint job on the exterior of your home, you’re doing more than making your home look newer than it did before.

Additionally, it will increase the value of your home, both in terms of curb appeal and in terms of the actual selling price of the home.

Curb appeal refers to the value that people perceive when they are driving by your home or perhaps even walk by — hence they are just by the curb, considering what they think the value is.

More importantly, especially if you are looking to sell your home down the road, is that you will find that the house will sell for more money after the exterior has been painted.

4. Find Things That Need To Be Repaired Early On

There are quite a few things that can go wrong on the exterior of your home that may not be noticeable until you are close up to the home and inspecting the paint job.

Dry rot, for example, the kind of decay to the exterior of your home that is caused by exposure to moisture — this will damage the exterior of your home and, if not treated properly, will only get worse over time.

In this, as with many matters related to repairs that have to be made to your home periodically, it is best to tend to them as early as possible to avoid costly repairs later on.

5. The Time Has Come Due To Age

Plainly stated, the sun and the UV rays that come with it cause damage to the exterior of your home and the paint job on it.

As good as the paint is with UV protection, that sort of protection only lasts so long before you need to get the exterior of your home repainted to up its protection.

The UV protection factor on paint does come with an expiration date, and when that comes, you need to look into getting your home repainted.

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