5 Exterior Power Washing Tips in Denver Metro, CO

When you are looking to clean the exterior of your home, you may hit up your friendly video sharing apps and find videos of people making use of power washing tools in order to clean their homes.

Of course, in cleaning your home with a power washer there is a chance that you will encounter issues in the cleaning process, though of course you will have a better time if you know what you are doing beforehand.

With that in mind, let us look at five exterior power washing tips in Denver Metro, CO.

1. Do Not Use On Your Tile Roof

One thing that people use their power washers to do is to really get caked on dirt from exterior surfaces — and as such they might think that it is appropriate to use on their tile roof — but this is not the case.

When you use a power washer on a tile roof, the absolute best case scenario is that somehow, nothing goes wrong — but this is an unlikely case.

What is more likely is that you will damage tiles on your roof, and you could even blow tiles entirely off of your roof — meaning that they would have to be replaced.

2. Pressure Washing Does Not Mix With Ladders

If you need to pressure wash the exterior of your home, do not think you can easily get up on a ladder and get the house clean.

The amount of force that a pressure washer puts out could easily make for a situation in which you could possibly fall off of the ladder and get injured.

If absolutely necessary, you could make use of a scaffolding system in order to reach the higher places you need to reach — true, it is a bit more costly but considerably more stable as long as it is built well.

3. Hold The Wand With Both Hands

Though it may look as though you can easily hold the wand for a pressure washer with just one hand, you should certainly not try doing this — especially the first time you are using it.

As mentioned above, the typical pressure washer puts out quite a lot of force and so you can easily get pushed back if you are not careful when using it.

In particular, you should be mindful that even the lightest pressure that you could have on your washer could easily cause significant damage to your skin.

4. The Right Nozzle For The Job

Not all nozzles do the same thing — particularly when it comes to the nozzles you apply to your pressure washer to get your home exterior clean.

You will find that the different nozzles that come with your pressure washer perform a variety of tasks — the white nozzle, for example, produces a spray at around forty degrees that is appropriate for general exterior washing.

The red one, on the other hand, focuses the spray to be narrow and concentrates the force of the spray as well — it will possibly damage surfaces if used too close to them.

5. Don’t Stick Around In One Place For Too Long

Lastly, remember that even a light amount of pressure held at the appropriate distance is going to cause damage if you stay in the same place for too long.

Of course it is perfectly okay for you to return to the same place if you need to touch up the cleaning work or if there is a little more left to be done, but staying in the same space in any case is not good.

Better to find the right distance from which you can wash the exterior of your home and work at it until you have finished the task at hand — cleaning the exterior of your home.

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