Exterior latex paint is the toughest, most durable, protective finish that’s achieved when the weather isn’t too cold or hot, which is why professional painters recommend the spring as the best time of year to paint a home’s exterior. Here are more great reasons why it’s ideal to have your home’s exterior painting this coming spring.

The Exterior of Your Home is Stressed

A home’s exterior paint can eventually become stressed out. No, it’s not like the anxiety humans experience like when they’re concerned with the overload of work at the job, automotive problems, or kids’ grades. Instead, exterior paint is abused by various natural elements and weather conditions.

Moisture can cause exterior paint mayhem. High humidity, rain, frost, ice, and snow all have some type of negative effect on the paint. In all forms, moisture causes paint to soften and swell, which causes peeling, flaking, blistering, and cracking. Excessive moisture also aids in mildew growth.

The sun causes exterior paint to eventually fade because of the diminished protection that the paint provides, which is caused by paint erosion. Ultraviolet rays of light break down the binder in the exterior paint. Once the binder has deteriorated, pigments are released in a powder or chalk form and is washed away when rain comes.

Repairs are Needed

Most homeowners are unaware of the little things that aren’t right on the home’s exterior until it’s time to repaint. Preparation work is administered to reveal any areas that need to be prepared. If the exterior paint has reached its maximum life expectancy, it’s taking a risk to postpone a new exterior paint job. Rotting wood does not take long before becoming exposed and there is other issues that will be discovered. It’s normally more expensive to buy replacements rather than repairing them. Home repairs shouldn’t be ignored for too long.

Add Curb Appeal to the Home

In order to increase curb appeal, the best call of action is to contact a professional painter to paint the home’s exterior. Potential home buyers often decide on whether they want to step inside for a look based on the home’s exterior appeal. It’s logical to say that when a house’s exterior has a dingy paint job, missing trim, or peeling paint, people will feel the interior isn’t worth a view. This is the main reason why most potential buyers drive by homes rather than going inside.

There are other things that can be done to improve a home’s curb appeal but none compare to the effectiveness of a new exterior paint job. A study has revealed that neutral colors like brown, blue, tan, white, and gray are very popular paint colors for homes. Bolder, vibrant colors can be used as an accent, like on window shutters or the home’s front door.

It’s Just Time for a New Exterior Paint Job

Exterior paint does have an expiration date. The amount of time before needing a new exterior paint job is based on the quality of the paint that is used. When using a higher quality of exterior paint, it can prolong the time before needing a new paint job. Quality of work is also a big factor of paint life expectancy.

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