They say that the color of your walls can say a lot about your personality. The cool or warm tones and hues of a color on your walls can give your visitors a glimpse of your character and you can even portray your sense of style through the choice of your wall color.

The range of hues in the color spectrum is usually associated with different moods, feelings and to some extent, the personality of the person who chooses the color. It is a great way to enhance your personal touch in your home and let your guests get a feel of the type of person you are.

Here are some examples of colors that can be associated with your personality:

Bright, warm colors

Eye catching and warm toned colors like red, orange and even bright hues usually speak of outgoing and friendly people. If you have a boisterous and cheerful personality, painting your walls these luminous and vibrant shades will definitely emphasize the welcoming and exciting part of you. Your rooms will be full of zest and the liveliness that you are filled with.

Soft, warm colors

Toned down warm colors such as blush pink, baby pinks and even peaches are the best color options for people who exude a quiet and friendly personality. These colors will show your calmer sides by enhancing your cheerful yet relaxed character.

Soft, cool colors

People who gravitate towards soft and cooler tones usually have a lucid and more serene personality. They prefer colors such as lavender, light blue and light green. Their tranquil character will be portrayed by the equally ‘easy on the eyes’ color that is painted on their wall. The cooler tones will give the room a very collected vibe and the subdued shades will give an impression of your peaceful nature.

Jewel toned colors

Opaque and distinct colors such as amethyst, ruby, emerald and even sapphire show how uninhibited you are through your bold color choices. These colors make a statement in the room and add a glamorous quotient to the space. If you have a creative and dynamic personality then these colors are the ones for you. This will surely show the side of you that is fearless enough to make a bold decision regarding your home décor.

Neutral tones

People who prefer neutral tones such as whites, pale colors, shades of light brown and beige, are those who like classic looks. These colors show a balance between sophistication and elegance with a preference of crisp looks that give a space a neat and tidy feeling. Although these colors might seem a bit boring, this is a perfect choice if you prefer something that looks toned down and is aesthetically appealing without being distracting.

Earthy tones

If you have a down to earth and easy going personality, you are bound to gravitate towards earthy tones such as browns and cooler greens. Your mellow personality with an equally mellow colored walls will surely show your home’s visitors your calm and go-with-the-flow attitude. Plus the earthy tones are great in creating a serene and calming effect.

Dark colors

People who prefer dark colors like black and dark grey usually demonstrate sleek and sophisticated character. They are not afraid to choose a bold color and let their more reserved yet chic personality shine through the walls. Darker hues might give a different type of cozy feel that people who prefer to keep to themselves enjoy. Your restraint is bound to shine through your walls.

What’s your personality?