Get your exterior painting projects done early by scheduling a (safe) estimate. Book an estimate now, and Doug will drop by and measure, count, and otherwise assess your Denver-area property’s exterior needs. You don’t even need to be there!

Perfect projects to keep your favorite painters busy in strange days include:

  1. Paint the whole exterior.
  2. Paint the south & west sides only.
  3. Paint the trim only.
  4. Paint that ugly brick!
  5. Strip & restain the deck.
  6. Strip & restain the fence.
  7. Epoxy the garage or workshop floor.
  8. Restore your patio furniture (in our spray shop).
  9. Remove & replace the caulking around your windows.
  10. Replace your battered fascia with new wood fascia.
  11. Other minor exterior carpentry, including replacing sections of rotted siding.
  12. Install a colorful new overlay on your patio or front walk.

Get these projects done ASAP by booking an estimate today. You don’t have to be there, but if you are, you and Doug can chat while he’s walking/measuring the property – maintaining safe physical distancing, of course!